How Is HTC One M10 Different From Its Predecessor?

There was so much of hype before the release of HTC One M9 which failed to keep the expectation high that it expected to be. The features were so poor that it had to receive completely negative reviews from the experts in the industry. Probably this is the reason why the people are eagerly waiting for the release of the HTC One M10 that is going to happen in the next year for sure. Since it is official that the release is going to happen next year, there were many rumors and leaks about the new release. We are now bringing those leaked news about the device in this article.

The Taiwanese tech manufacturer HTC’s present flagship smartphone is no going to meet the expectations of the tech experts and the mobile enthusiasists. This is the reason why the company is keen to focus on its own fortunes by releasing another device very soon.

Well, this still has to be confirmed by the HTC itself. There is no official release date about the device. But we need to notice one thing here is that the most of the releases of the HTC happened in the month of March of every year. Even for this year, HTC One M9 was released in the March of this year. So, we can expect the HTC One M10 is going to release in the month of March 2016.  This will beat the successor of iphone 8.

According to a report of International Business Times, HTC CEO Cher Wang apologized for the company’s shareholders for the poor performance of their device in the market. This shows the dedication of the investor there. Anyways, by the release of the upcoming smart phone HTC One M10, One M9 will be completing an year in the marketing chain. So, the company can bounce back with a bang.

According to a report of TechBuffalo, the Taipei Times said that the CEO apologized for  the investors and did promise that they will pull in the market with the significant improvements in terms of innovation and the design for the next flagship by the next year.

It is really worth noting that the HTC One M9 was criticized by many of us for its lack of innovation and lack of improvements form the previous version and it was described as a minor version from its predecessor, the HTC One M8. In addition to that thing, it was completely delayed in owning and was reported by the supply demand related issues due to the technical problems that faced after manufacture. However, it received all the bad reviews after release and hence it was a big flop.

Coming to the differences, we can see some major changes in the upcoming model. This includes the 2k-4k resolution display. Moreover, it is expected to be powered by an octa core Qualcomm processor and pack either a 64GB or 128GB internal storage alongside 4GB of RAM.

Coming the report of The Venture Capital, HTC One M10 would include many features like a 27 MP main camera along with some phase detection Auto – focus technology, a 3500 mAh battery unit, heart sensor, security Touch ID scanner, waterproof and much more including the two-stereo speakers.

This is all we have got about the much awaited HTC One M10, keep watching space for more updates.

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