Car Maintenance Tips This Summer

Car Maintenance Tips This Summer

Just like everything else, cars need to be looked after too. They need to be prepared to handle the extreme temperatures. Your car requires that extra treatment in order to stay safe due to different weather conditions. Buying a comprehensive car insurance is also very important and beneficial for car owners. Here is a list of some car maintenance tips that would help you look after your car better this summer.


This is one of the most important tip when it comes to car maintenance. Your car tires are constantly under a lot of pressure and stress due to continuous friction. Tires need to be checked on a regular basis throughout the year. Keep a check on pressure, stones and nails. All four tires need to be in good condition.

Coolant System

Cars have to be kept cool and this is very important. Check for the level of coolant fluid and also the condition of the coolant reservoir and hoses. Look out for any leaks which tend to happen at connection points and joints.

Body and Paint

Road salt can sometimes damage your car’s body and paint. Hence, after the winters, you could check your car’s exterior. Give your car a good wash, apply wax that has a UV protectant agent. This will help keep the paint bright and also protect it from fading.

Engine Belts

Engine belts can sometimes become loose, break and also squeal. So, keep a check if the belts are in good condition. If you find that your belt has cracks or there are pieces missing, then it’s time to replace your belt.

Essential Fluids

Brakes, oil, windshield washer fluids and also power steering are some of the other things you need to check.

Air-conditioning System

It’s going to be summer and you definitely want your air-conditioning system to run smoothly. If your system wasn’t already working properly and you’ve been ignoring it, then it’s time to get serious and fix the issue right away.

Air Filter

If you’re having issues with your air filter, then the summers is a good time to get your car a new one or give the current one a good cleaning.

Dashboard Sunshade

Get your car a good dashboard sunshade when you’re not driving. Summers can cause the car to get too hot if kept standing in the sun. The sunshade will protect the dashboard from the strong ultraviolet rays and will also help to keep the inside of the car a lot cooler. Motor vehicle insurance is also a good idea in case of any damage.

Try out these quick tips this summer to keep your car running smooth. Don’t forget to purchase a good car insurance online as well.

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