Interesting Facts and Rumors About Upcoming Galaxy S8

While mobile industry leaders continually look to innovate, it’s getting increasingly difficult for companies to keep excitement with yearly upgrades.

Interesting Facts and Rumors About Upcoming Galaxy S8

Samsung Galaxy S8 Release Date is set at the beginning of 2017—It will push the display resolution around 4K whilst the size rises to 5.5 inches. The current flagship S7 is powered with the latest Snapdragon 820 and Samsung’s own Exynos 8990 SoC in a few regions. So needless to say, the Galaxy S8 can get the next flagship chipset, probably the Snapdragon 830 and Exynos 9000 (if that’s just what it will be called). The next-gen processors will give you better performance and can come with better GPUs, and battery life can be expected.

Apart from your processor, we expect the Galaxy S8 to consist of 6GB of RAM, which will be the subsequent flagship standard following your current 4GB RAM. Flagships have right now started coming with 6GB RAM, and in many cases the Galaxy Note 6 will likely be flaunting a whole lot RAM. So there’s pointless why Samsung won’t provide us with 6GB of RAM within the S8. As for the storage, we expect faster internal storage with capacity of nearly 256GB, as well as the microSD slot will hopefully stay.

Galaxy S8 and Note 6 Specification:

Next up, we expect the Galaxy S8 to hold a Type-C USB port. While Type-C has begun showing up with a lot of smartphones now and slowly becoming the common, the Galaxy S7 is still equipped with the microUSB port. USB Type-C provides faster charging, faster bandwith, plus the convenience of using a reversible connector so that you don’t have to be worrying which side up you’re inserting the USB cable in to the port, as each party are the same.

Lastly, let’s discuss the camera setup. Dual camera setup is slowly gathering popularity, and in some cases the iPhone 7 Plus/Pro is rumored to acquire dual cameras in the. Such a camera setup increases the focusing speed drastically and will be offering much better low-light performance whilst giving lots of control for the user. For instance, you may set the main objective after having a picture, and do more things along with it.

Going by Samsung’s pricing patterns plus the way the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S7 were priced, we guess the Galaxy S8 is going to be priced at around $699 USD. Note 7 Price will be around $669 as there is strong rumor that Note 7 will have flexible screen.

Everybody recognizes that Samsung would rather launch its flagship smartphones with the MWC (Mobile World Congress Event) which is held inside February-March timeframe. So we don’t think Samsung will vary its pattern this time around, along with the Galaxy S8 launch date will really be throughout the MWC 2017. The phone will be gone for sale by April.

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