Pick The Right Kind Of Pallet For Storage and Transportation

Pick The Right Kind Of Pallet For Storage and Transportation

Pallets are used for storage and transportation of goods in an efficient manner. These stands or platforms have several industrial applications like export of grains, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, perishables, and much more. You get to choose from rackable (multi-storage systems) and non-rackable pallets (heavy weight storage applications). Also, these can be categorized as dynamic/static and light /average /weighty.

These can be made from different kinds of materials like wood, plastic, or cardboard. You can opt for the cheaper wood pallets but many problems are associated with these like pests, fungus, and splinters. Their disposal can be a challenging task. Due to all these reasons, these are being replaced by the plastic ones. Plastic pallets are light in weight, can be recycled with great ease and are environment friendly.

Pallets are the slabs or framework used for storage in a warehouse or to move things in a vehicle. Their selection depends on the item to be stored or transported.

Before you order your pallets in Sydney, make sure you find answers to questions like – what are the pallet being used for and how much would you want to spend on it?

Pick The Right Kind Of Pallet For Storage and Transportation

Let us recognize the pallet types and materials to understand their usage in different cargo and storage.

Categories of Pallets:

There are importantly two categories – stringer pallets and block pallets.

Stringer pallets are made from softwoods. They are also referred to as the ‘two-way’ pallets. It uses a frame of three or four pieces of timber, known as stringers and are placed parallel and attached to the backboard on the top, which gives it a structure of a pallet.

The forklift can lift it from all the four directions, while a pallet jack can hold it only from two sides.

Block pallets are made from hardwoods. They are stronger than their stringer equivalents. They are more secure and durable and the reason is that it is made up of hardwood and the other reason is that the frames are arranged both in parallel and a perpendicular way to provide efficient handling.

Both the forklift and pallet jack can lift the block pallet from any direction and from all the sides hence it is also referred to as ‘four-way’ pallets.

Different Materials Used:

The different materials have their own advantages and disadvantages and should be carefully chosen for your purpose.


Wooden pallets are the most common type of pallets used to transport cargo. They are sturdier and comparatively stronger, but the disadvantage is that they either need repair or replacement after one use.


They are stronger than the wooden pallets and are used to transfer heavy cargo. But they are very expensive and hence hold only a small portion in the market place. They are also very heavy themselves. The major metals used are aluminium, carbon steel and stainless steel.


It is again a stronger material and can be used to transport cargo for more trips. But again after a few trips it becomes of no use and causes for accumulation of plastic waste.

Paper and Cardboard:

These pallets are newer in the market which are light weighted and at the same time durable. And can be used to transport lightweight cargo.

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