How Floor Lamps Will Brighten Up Your Home

How Floor Lamps Will Brighten Up Your Home

Lighting is so important to a room. Lighting provides more than illumination to a room, it also has the ability to create and maintain the mood of the people in the room. The way a room is lit also affects the appearance of people – for instance the wrong lighting can wash people’s complexions out and change how you perceive the shade of color in other’s clothing.

Floor lamps are an excellent source of lighting, in addition to providing ample light, these light fixtures also make great decorative additions to your home. Subtly placing these lamps at various points around your house is a skillful way of adding the right glow to your home and creating an incredible ambience.

There are so many designer floor lamps in Hong Kong to choose from and with such a large range, you are certain to find a lamp that will make the perfect supplement to your lovely home. Here are some of the many ways that floor lamps will benefit your house:

Space Enhancement

Floor lamps are excellent at adding height to a room. The thinner and taller the lamps, the more elongated a room will seem in contrast. This is an advantage to your house if you don’t have much space. By adding a floor lamp to the room, you will automatically create a sense of greater space. For a larger room you can add a matching set of lamps to create soft boundaries in the corners of the room.

Versatility How Floor Lamps Will Brighten Up Your Home

As mentioned before, floor lamps are more than just sources of light, they also add great style to a room. You can easily alter the entire feel of the room by swapping out one lampshade for another whenever you feel like a change of pace. Similarly, you can also play with colors this way. By using lampshades of varying colors you can add a subtle layer of colored light into the room. You can even accentuate furniture with this method. The array of lampswill ensure that you have many lampshades for you to peruse through for the look you desire.


Unlike a chandelier or other ceiling-based lights, a floor lamp can be moved around. As you move your furniture around, you can illuminate this new arrangement by moving your floor lamp to accommodate the placement of the furnishings. The portability of the floor lamp is also helpful when you have a large group of guests over, you can position the lamps next to congregated guests to provide better lighting for them.

Focused Illumination

Rather than ceiling-based lights, floor lamps can be used to create a focused stream of light. This is an especially fortunate aspect, if there is a certain part of the room or a specific object you wish to illuminate. Placing a floor lamp above your favorite reading chair is a great way to ensure that you get all the light you need. Similarly, during a party you can position floor lamps so that they are directly over tables filled with food. This way, you can create a kind of spotlight on the refreshments.

Floor lamps are perfect for any room of the house as they provide so many options both stylistically as well as for illumination purposes. This makes it a valuable asset to your décor and will enhance your already carefully chosen motif and furnishings.

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