Understanding Fans Etiquette at Stadium

Many fans are interested to have a participation in various sporting event. However, it is quite likely that they actually abuse the good nature of these games. Fans are expecting to sit on the benches while giving positive encouragement for their teams. However, when there are many thousands of spectators in the stadium, we could see dozens of people who neglect the basic courtesies associated with sports events. This could happen when people become significantly critical of the opposing team and their fans. They could leave their seats and do many unquestionable acts.

In general, it is important for the team to sit down and it is important to check rules before attending sports events. This should apply to squash, baseball, basketball, football and others. In fact, it will be bad for our team, if we become terrible fans. Some teams are penalized because they have bad fans that triggered riots in the area. We could also hear reports about serious injuries and even deaths, caused by fights among fans of the opposing team. There are a few ground rules that we need to abide by, if we want to participate in a game as fan. During the first quarter or half, we should make sure that we sit on the seats.

Any spectator that enters the stadium should immediately look for empty seats without intruding other spectators. Arriving fans must not abuse that right. In this case, we should make sure to see other spectators and look for ways to go into empty seats without causing too much intrusion. It could get on people’s nerves, if we do things too intrusively, such as by getting up and sitting down too frequently. This could happen when people want to get food or drinks in the middle of the game. We should know that stadium isn’t a restaurant and we should eat lightly.

It is important for us to wait for stoppage in the game, if we want to get food and drinks; or go to toilet. It is considered rude to block the view of people. If we don’t want to get in a hurry to go to the seat, we shouldn’t move around inside the stadium too much. Because time intervals between each quarter or halves can be quite brief, we should go straight to the seat. We should consider any common courtesy before we go to the stadium. Before we leave our seat, we should know when we should return to the seat and if we bring small children along; it is important that they won’t disturb other people

When we participate in the game, we should make sure that children could have positive experiences for the whole game. We should make sure that other fans will accept the presence of children in the stadium. In some cases, specific sports are not considered as appropriate for children, such as boxing and free style martial arts fights. There’s nothing more awkward than covering the eyes of our children, when the fight becomes too intense.

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