Some Hot Basement Remodeling Trends

There are a lot of people who think of basement remodeling when they want to add some living space to their home. Others are simply looking to create a place where they can enjoy some peace and quiet. Others may remodel their basement to welcome new members into their home. Here are some of the ideas which you can consider in this regard:

Some Hot Basement Remodeling Trends

Expand in style

There are a number of instances in which people go all out to convert their basement into the perfect hangout destination for family and friends. Adding an underground spa, a movie theater or a bowling alley isn’t unheard of. While doing extravagant stuff like this will certainly require a lot of money, it’s not as expensive as the amount you would have to spend on buying a larger home. So if regulations do not allow you to embark on such ambitious projects above ground, the best solution for you would be to use your basement.


The basement is a poorly lit area of any home. That’s why you will need to get only the best of illumination for this part of your home. Many people decide to go with recessed lighting since they don’t want any fixtures hanging from a ceiling which is already low. But another trend that’s catching on nowadays is using accent lighting inside artwork and bookshelves. This isn’t just functional but can also light up some of your prized possessions with ease.


If you want your basement to feel cozy and still look stylish, you will need to paint the walls and ceilings similarly. But, if you want an expansive project instead, black paint is the perfect answer. It might not seem very inviting but it will make the space feel a lot larger for sure. If you want to give it a sense of height, use lighter colors on the ceiling and floor. Do not forget to use the same trim you have all over your house for consistency.


The most common function of a basement in today’s home is for storage. It’s where people put all of their old stuff which they don’t use anymore but can’t throw away. But if you’re planning a remodel, you will need to find space to keep all of these things. One popular solution could be to construct storage shelves. Not only will they help you organize everything but you will no longer have to worry about clutter.


These ideas are just scratching the surface when it comes to today’s basement remodeling trends. Speak with a remodeling expert to get more ideas and to find out which trends can best match your vision. This is your best chance of creating a livable basement which will provide years of enjoyment and functionality.

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