Basic Steps To Follow When It Comes To Web Site Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

A very crucial and important skill for most web masters is the fine art of search engine optimization. It does not matter how many years you have spent in the web business but a very vital and highly important area is that of SEO. So it does not matter how long you have been in the web business, SEO is a very important area and at times require maximize attention. In order for you and your web site to reach and achieve maximum potential and level, as a web master your must master and perfect the art of SEO. Without this your web site will not be user or search engine friendly and the only way it will be successful is if your web site goes viral.

Going viral is not very easy or simple and not all web sites can go viral nonetheless there are a lot of things that one must look at and take into consideration when it comes to effectively implementing SEO. Some of things are on page while some of things are off page. Firstly you need to target the keywords you would like to appear in the search engines. In order to rank and rate very highly and very well when it comes to search engine searches the keyword research and search is very important.

When it comes to the keyword search you definitely want to find and use keywords that have a very huge amount of searches. Also you want keywords that are not too competitive; you want keywords that few or very little people or competitors use, because this will make them beatable.

In order to calculate and find out how many keywords are searched for in a month you can use Google Keyword Tool. Simply search for it using Google and it will pop in the first 10 results. This device or tool will help you view the number of or the frequency of searches that have been done on any particular keyword and similar and related words.

Once you have decided and selected the keyword the next step you need to take is to see what the competition is doing. Firstly you should take a look and see where the competition rank in terms of site and popularity. If many of the top results are web pages like Wikipedia and Ezine, then it is advisable you avoid using this keyword unless there is a lot of search material and volume and you feel that you will be able to cash in on being rated and ranked lower then these popular pages.

Now that out have chosen the keyword and you are happy with the keyword that you would have chosen you now need to find a suitable domain name. Once again you want to opt for a domain name that is very good and highly profitable. You should choose a domain name from a catchy or popular keyword word. This is crucial because this will make a huge difference when it comes to page rating and ranking on big search engine sites. It is also very important to take note of different domain names especially those that end with dot com, dot net and dot org because they seem to do much better when it comes to SEO when compared to other domains. May be they are trusted by most users.

Once you have decided and settled on the domain name and keywords, the next step is to look at the content that you are going to upload on your web site. There are some basic and simple things that one must adhere to when it comes to creating and uploading content that is SEO friendly. If you follow these basic and simple tips you vastly improve and increase your page ratings and page rankings when it comes to searches.

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