Innovative Promo Products For Your Company

Everything revolves around marketing today. Starting from commercials in TV programme, over to movies and different advertising campaigns – it all comes down to finding the best way to sell your products. Many businesses invest a lot of money into commercials, billboards, digital signage and other terrestrial ads, but there is also a more effective way of promoting your company.

If you are keeping your budget tight, but would like to reach wider audiences, you should invest some of your assets into promotional products. Here are eight innovative examples of fantastic promo products which you should start printing your logo on starting from tomorrow.

Oldies, but Goodies

  • Pens – This promo product is one of the most wanted one. Not only are they most needed wherever you turn around, but they can reach almost unimaginable distances, the ones you do not cross in your lifetime.
  • Coffee mugs – Since the majority of working people cannot imagine starting their day without a cup of coffee (the scientists say it makes us more productive at work); think about printing your logo on coffee mugs. You can start with your office mugs, and then start sharing them wherever you go.
  • Key chains – Key chains are still one of the things we use most during the day – we will need our keys at least once a day, so you will raise your visibility by using key chains as your company promo products.

Cool New Stuff

  • Wallet – Even though wallets are not that cheap to make and print, they have turned out to be one of the most wanted items on the list of the best promotional products (consumers’ choice).
  • Lollipop – If your target audience are kids and teenagers, the best way to approach them is by offering them sweets. Lollipops are a great item to print your logo on, but you do not have to stop there. You can even ask your lollipop company to design the pop in the shape of your logo (this can be applicable only to those companies whose logos are specially shaped so that they can be printed in 3D, like Mercedez or Chanel. This solution is cheap, too.
  • Personalised wrapping paper – Wrapping paper is another great marketing method. You can use personalised wrapping paper for your exclusive clients, or print your logo on it and wrap all items you sell (as requested by your customers). This way, you maintain a relationship with your customers and reward them with free gift wrapping they sure are going to appreciate.
  • Umbrella – Especially during the autumn and spring, and in areas with high levels of precipitation, promotional umbrellas are definitely the best choice for your company. Umbrellas are often used as promo items for insurance companies and banks because this way they create the metaphor of protecting people and their belongings.
  • Phone cases – This marketing trick is probably the one that will reward you the most. A lot of consumers today do not leave their phones (even when they go to the crapper), so having your logo printed on phone cases would be a great way of reaching more customers. However, make sure that it is discrete enough yet visible so that you do not waste your money on expensive design that will end up being a total miss.

What is important in the marketing world of today is that your product is liked by your customers. If you do not respond to their needs and do not solve their problems, the odds are that they will not pay attention to your company. Have your target audience in mind at all times and your recipe for a successful promotional campaign is solved.

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