MacBook Air 2015 Expected Speficiations and Features

After the release of MacBook Air in early 2014, now Apple is working on its successor MacBook Air 2015. Apple got a huge profit with the large sales of MacBook Air 2014. But there was some sort disappointment on the minds of consumers too. It was due to the mismatch of rumoured specs with actual specs of MacBook Air 2014. But still people liked the product very much. But now Apple is all set to give the new gift to its brand lovers in early 2015. And this time Apple is coming some new features in its next MacBook Air 2015.

Expected Specifications of Apple MacBook Air 2015

Sleek Design and Light Weight – Apple launched this product with a specialty of its unique design and sleek look. And the company still uses this feature to promote new MacBook Air versions. It is rumoured that this time Apple is working to shift the weight of MacBook Air less than 1 KG. For this it is inserting new light weight heavy processing processor too. Till now MacBook Air comes with the minimum weight of 1.08 KG. So it is expected that Apple will further improve this device in the next version of 2015.

Apart from this you will see no big change in design. Two ports will be given on the left hand side for speaker and mic. And two ports (one on each side) will be provided for USB 3.0. It is also rumoured that Apple will also upgrade its inbuilt speakers for better sound quality.

It is almost confirmed that this time Apple will launch its MacBook Air 2015 in three size variants which will be 11 inch (11.6 inch), 12 inch (12.5 inch) and 13 inch (13.6 inch).

Retina Display – This was the main factor of disappointment at the launch of Apple MacBook Air 2014. It is almost confirmed that this Apple will insert a retina display on their MacBook Air 2015. This will give a new look to the device and it will also enhance video quality while watching movies.

Apple didn’t insert the retina display in 2014 due to the battery problem. It was rumoured that after placing the retina display, battery life of MacBook Air reduced dramatically. That’s why Apple made the decision to leave this feature. But this time Apple will make a sufficient balance by which there will be no effect on battery life of MacBook Air.

Processor and Ram – It is difficult to put MacBook Air in the category of Netbooks due to their exceptional processors. Apple always inserted the best possible processors in their MacBook Air. In MacBook Air 2014 Apple inserted the Intel Hasswell processors. But this time it is rumoured that Apple will come with new Intel Broadwell core processors. By using these processors battery life will also increase, as these processors are light weight and take less battery. With the use of these processors Apple will make a balance of battery life after inserting retina display. Apart from this, Apple MacBook Air 2015 will run on 4 GB RAM.

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