Why Is 21st Century The Century Of Fashion

21st Century Fashion

Fashion has changed our outlook towards life. People were never as conscious about fashion as are they now. The role of internet and technology in this context deserves the credit in making people aware of the latest trends of fashion and its importance in our daily lives. Lifestyle and fashion are interrelated concepts and if one thing changes the other thing gets affected as well. There are different factors which have contributed a lot in making 21st century the century of fashion.

  • Role of Social Media

Internet has provided platform to various brands and fashion industries to launch their costumes and accessories. Men and women get inspired by these brands and their products. Social media is one of the important tools which can be used for any purpose. Different brands have created their pages and profiles on different social networking websites. These unite people, having the same interests. They share their ideas and plans on latest trends as well and adopt the latest styles in their lives. Social media is not just limited to recreation and communication, it has played a vital role in making people more civilized and polished in the context of fashion.

  • People have become Modern

Life has changed rapidly and people accept these changes in order to look ideal and up to date. ‘Survival of the fittest’ fits in this scenario very well. There is a tough competition among people and everyone wants to lead the race with grace; that’s why they readily accept the fashion changes so that they can look attractive and fashionable among the rest. We have also seen various students who pay more attention to their costumes than studies because they prefer the fashion over everything and they do their best to standout among the crowd. Technology has broken down all the chains of orthodoxy and people feel pride by adopting fashionable lifestyle. In previous times, it was not reckoned as a good sign to leave usual norms and adopt unusual trends. Fashion is also a part of norm and now people are broadminded and their thoughts have quite changed as compared to primitive times.

  • Inspiration from Celebrities and Models

There are countless designers who are struggling hard to create unique designs and present them regularly. Movies, dramas and fashion shows inspire people to adopt latest styles in their conventional lives. People also get inspired by the costumes and styles of their favorite models and celebrities. Movie stars and models have also become the source of inspiration because people watch them on TV and internet which are the reason for their popularity among the people. Various designers are aware of the power of celebrities and models and they hire different models and celebrities which are popular among the public to launch their recent dress designs.

These are some of the facts which maintain that 21st century is the century of fashion, there are millions of styles available for each age group and more changes are expected in near future because fashion changes every day.

Author Bio: This guest post has been written by Melody Wilson, a dedicated Fashion Designer, Home Decorator and a writer who loves to write on different topics related to fashion. She is currently working on Nightwing Jacket to present this jacket in different style. She is outrageously outspoken and fun loving lady.

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