Italy To Open Nero’s Golden Firm For Weekend Tourists

There is a beautiful monument in Rome. This monument was not open for public. This golden palace was built by Emperor Nero to himself. He builds this palace when half of the Rome was destroyed by fire. Fortunately this masterpiece is open to public now on weekends. Though the renovation of this palace is not finished yet it is open to public now.

The main palace House of Gold or Domus Aurea complex, one of them is also having a false lake were now stands the colosseum. This palace was closed in the year 2005 for emergency repairs and it was again open in the year 2007 and then closed once again. This is about two hundred year old site. People entering the palace will be guided by an experienced archeologist and will also be wearing protective helmets for the safety purpose.

Beautiful Monument

If you are travelling to Rome this vacation then it is a must to place site. You are going to feel the presence of ancient Rome here. It is a beautiful two hundred year old ancient site. This was the second monument of the year which was to reopen to the public. The marble façade facelift of the monument cost 2.2 million Euros.

Problem with Italy

Italy is well known all over the world for its art and culture. Many popular artists are from the Italy city. But the downside of the country is that decaying of architecture and art is perennial in Italy. This monument is very difficult to maintain because in the ancient time emperor Trajan of Italy filled the palace with the material rubble and constructed baths on the top of it.

Culture minister reported the problem of leakage and he also said that this can collapse the structure. Due to this reason it was once again closed to the people. Since 2006 Italy is struggling with the efforts of maintain this structure. About eighteen million euro has been spent on this monument. The final decision was that this monument is going to open on weekends for the people when restoration workers will be on holiday. This was the idea in the mind.

The Funds

All the funds that are used in maintaining the monument comes from the state funds and taxes that re paid by the citizens. There is much more required to make it work in the best possible way. There is so much damaged already occurred and restoration has been done. It is a very ancient monument of Italy and people of the country do not want to lose it, proper maintenance and care is taken off the palace. Now visitors can explore it once gain at weekends. Esta let you have freedom of applying visa from anywhere.

This palace was discovered in the fifteenth century and it was believed that there was a statue of Nero that was 36.6 meter tall. Most of the parts of the palace are not under the risk now. They are also away from the humidity that was causing problems. There is much more on the plans of its renovation.

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