Costs Involved In An IVF Treatment

Costs Involved In An IVF Treatment

IVF was a very mysterious treatment some years back and the only knowledge that the common people had was that the Fertility services in whitefield helped the infertile people produce test tube babies.

Most of the couples were not sure what the procedure was all about and what was the IVF cost in Mumbai.

Infertility, however, became common and people got educated about IVF and how it could help couples conceive.

Infertility has become a common problem now and it affects 1 in every 6 couples these days and this has created demand for IVF treatments. If you are considering IVF then you would be interested in knowing the costs involved in doing an in vitro fertilisation treatment.

Cost of doing an IVF

The cost of an IVF treatment differs from one couple to the other. This is because each couple may have different treatment requirements depending on what the fertility level of the woman is and what her medical history is.

The location also plays a very important role in the cost of IVF and because of this difference in cost people tend to travel to other places to get an IVF treatment.

Factors that affect the IVF cost

The womans age and the number of treatments that she has to undergo affect the cost of the IVF treatment. Women who are under the age of 35 may get successful in the first treatment and those over the age of 39 may need multiple IVF treatments to conceive.

The age of the woman is a very important factor that determines the IVF treatments success. This should be considered because it can cause the woman a lot of strain emotionally as well as financially. Some Fertility clinic in whitefield offer multiple IVF cycles and this works to be cheaper if the couples are older and may need several IVF treatments.

The cost of the donors sperm eggs also decides the IVF treatment. Those couples who have a lower fertility level may require a donor egg or sperm.

The cost of the donor embryo also decides the IVF treatment cost. Some couples are suggested donated embryos when either of the partners may suffer for some health complication which can be inherited by their children. In such cases, the embryos are donated by couples who have had a successful fertility treatment.

The cost of transferring a frozen embryo also decides the cost of the IVF treatment. A couple may choose to freeze the embryo from an IVF treatment which can later be thawed and transferred into the womans uterus in the future. The cost involved in using the frozen embryo does not include any surrogacy cost.

The cost of testicular sperm aspiration where the sperm is aspirated and extracted is done on men who suffer from vasectomy. Some couples may also have to do an ICSI or intracytoplasmic sperm injections. This is done when the male partner has fertility issues like poor quality of sperm or low sperm count. In this method, a single sperm is injected into the egg and this increase the chances of fertilisation.

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