Why We Should Choose Naturally-Grown Apples?

We may have occasionally picked up a few wind-fallen apples and those juicy crunches could transport us back to our childhood years when we played on orchards.

In fact, those foraged apples may taste much better with their bursting flavour, goodness and flavour. As comparison, many apples in the supermarkets don’t have the texture, crunch and taste that can excite us. In fact, apples that are placed under the fresh fruits signs could be picked more than a few months ago before they were ripe. They could be stored for months with gas treatments that prevent them from decaying or ripening.

l-methylcyclopropene is one of the gasses used and it can actually be carcinogenic when used in larger doses. Many supermarkets sell imported apples, because the plantations are located many miles away. This is especially true if we are living in colder regions where longer winter may strike occasionally.

Some of these apples may contain potentially dangerous residues, including Chlorpyifos, a pesticide that’s banned in multiple countries. Unfortunately, the chemical could still be used in countries where our apples are grown. Some apples could also be waxed to make them look shiny and more appetizing.

Due to the presence of potentially dangerous chemicals, washing, wiping and scrubbing shiny imported apples may not be enough. It would be a good idea to peel them completely to remove much of the harmful residues. In this case, it may be better to eat only apples that are grown in our countries. If it is winter and apples are not harvested yet, there are other fruit alternatives that can provide rich nourishments for our body.

If apples are grown not too far away, we should be able to find good quality local apples at the local farmers market. So, the next time we drive through local countryside, we should keep our eyes peeled for sellers. Real apples should have the normal bumps and lumps, but with divine smell and taste. We can find dozens of different varieties in the market, each with exciting mix of textures. Alternatively, we could also choose apple juices and vinegars.

Regardless of the type of apples that we choose, it should provide us with great health benefits. We shouldn’t be worry about things like pesticides or unnatural fertilizers, if we know that the local orchards use only natural methods to grow their apple trees.

Overall, naturally-grown apples are the best options available in the market. Even if we get misshapen apple, but if it is picked directly from the tree, it should be much safer than those shiny apples with bright red skin. There are many recipes made from apple and apple pie is probably one of the most popular. As dinner treats, we can choose baked apple with bits of cheese.

To make this, we can cut thick slices of apples and butter them lightly. Place these chunks on the baking tin and bake them for 20 minutes on a moderate temperature. In the end, the apple shouldn’t be too soft. Sprinkle some sugar and serve them with bits of mature cheddar. It would be perfect to eat this healthy meal with a glass of cool apple juice.

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