4 Ways Your Roller Banner Graphics Make A Big Impression

When it comes to exhibitions, trade shows, displays, and events, every detail counts. Your roller banners count, your display area counts, your lighting and your promotional items count. Everything has to be impressive, right down to the graphics you use on your banners. In fact, the design of your banners is one way you can really attract attention and give people something to remember. Pay attention to the design of your banner in these ways to produce a display that works.

1. The Images Are Powerful 

When it comes to the images on your banner, quality counts. Not just in terms of the actual picture itself and how relevant it is to your brand, although this is certainly a factor, but in terms of the resolution of the image. It is important to use clear, large, high resolution images so they will be effectively reproduced on the large size banner. The quality needs to be good so you offer a great impression of your business, and also so that people can clearly read who you are and what you are offering.

2. Everything is to Scale

Effective layout is important when you are designing a banner. Everything should fit together easily and naturally. The line-up of the text should be simple and clutter-free. The images should be sized correctly and to scale. It can be hard to properly plan a layout – here is where it helps to get a professional view of the task. In general, the top part of the roller banner should be where you put the most important information.

3. Colour Creates an Impact

Make sure you get the exact colour you need for your banner – even a colour that is a few shades off can be disastrous, especially if you are using corporate colours. Review colour choice with the printers to make sure you know what you are getting.

4. The Details Count

It is only when you put everything together that you learn whether the banner really works. Make sure that the measurements are exact and that you have included everything you need – don’t forget your website address. View the finished design carefully and have someone look over it to make sure you haven’t missed anything. You don’t want to get the banners printed only to discover that you misspelled your company name or left a part of the website off the end of the address.

It helps to hire a professional to handle the graphic design of your roller banner printing, unless you are confident you can work with graphics and can produce a file that can be used for printing large-scale. If not, take advice from the banner printing company and find out about image sizes, colours, and layout. For a more economical design option many printing firms offer templates you fill in online with the elements of your design, or a bespoke design service with everything included.

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