5 Ways To Improve Your Life This Summer

Summer is a great time for personal betterment. It’s a good time to get outside, most of us are focused on looking our best already, and there always seem to be a few more spare moments during which to get things done. Altogether, this makes it the perfect season to make some personal improvements you might have been thinking about for a while now. But in case nothing comes to mind readily, here are a few ways I know I’ve been trying to improve my own life this summer.

  1. Stepping Up Fitness Efforts

I know, I know…. I’m supposed to work on fitness before the summer arrives, so that I can show off my beach bod to everyone. Well, that’s fine, and it’s how things ordinarily go for a lot of people. But it’s always rubbed me the wrong way. The implication is almost that fitness efforts should stop once you hit the beach, when in reality this is the perfect time to ramp things up! If you spend the spring getting in shape, you’re basically priming your body for a more consistent workout effort. So always recommend seeking out exercise tips and forming regular workout programs throughout the summer. It’s a great way to make your spring results more sustainable.

  1. Eating Better

Pretty much everything I just said with regard to fitness applies to nutrition also. If you try to eat healthier to shave a few pounds off during the spring, don’t stop just because we’re now at the height of summer! Sure, you should indulge now and then on vacations or during a 4th of July cookout; but you should also do your best to turn those spring efforts into concrete habits. This year I actually tried a meal planning program for the first time, and as someone with limited kitchen experience (a generous way to put it), I’ve gotten a lot out of it. There are different services to choose from, but the basic idea is that you’ll be able to check out recipes, buy the right ingredients, and in some cases be guided through preparation. It’s a great way to eat healthier food on a regular basis without getting bored with your options.

  1. Finding A New Hobby

It’s not all about physical health! Another great way to improve your life during a long summer season is simply to find a new hobby. This is something I’ve really discovered firsthand this summer, and in my case (guilty), it was somewhat health-geared. I took up tennis, which I’ve been meaning to do for years, and even taking one lesson a week and playing with friends in between, I feel like there’s a whole new component to my life. But lots of things besides sports and physical activities can have this same effect. You might finally try learning a musical instrument, for instance, or enroll in an art seminar you’ve always been curious about. The options are endless, and the result can be that you’re actually happier with how you spend your free time.

  1. Making A Luxurious Purchase

This is a pretty broad category, right? Well, that’s the idea! But the point is to go ahead and allow yourself a luxury purchase you’ve been holding out on, if you’re looking for ways to make your life a little bit better this summer. Maybe it means something as serious as heading to a car dealership to check out a car or motorcycle you’ve had your eye on; maybe it’s as simple as ordering those Bluetooth speakers you’ve been wanting to enjoy while you’re hanging out outside on summer evenings. It could be just about anything. But so long as it’s not irresponsible with your budget, consider making the purchase. Every now and then, we each deserve a treat.

  1. Dating (Or Spending Time With The S.O.)

Finally, I’d recommend you try dating if you’re single, or making time for a getaway or regular date nights if you already have a significant other. Hopefully these are things you’re already focused on one way or the other, but the aforementioned relaxed summer atmosphere makes for a nice time to prioritize human connection. In my case, I used this summer to bite the bullet and try a dating app for the first time, and while I can’t say I’ve found a soul mate just yet, it’s been fun talking to and meeting new people. But even if I already had a serious S.O., I don’t think I’d be able to resist setting up a regular date night during the summer.

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