4 New Renault Kwid-Based Cars For India

When it comes to purchasing a car, people tend to be in a state of constant dilemma, primarily because it involves a major investment. People often tend to get confused seeing the plethora of options that are available with them. Which brand to buy, what mileage to go for, these are the major questions that constantly hover the minds of people. Well, the answer to all this is the Renault Kwid which offers the users all that they need within the given price range. It is a car which has certainly lived up to all the expectations of the people and has surely delivered all that they wanted from a perfect car. Here are the major cars by Renault which are available at the Renault Kwid price.

  • Kwid MPV/ Station Wagon- The first in our list is the Kwid MPV which works on the lines of Nissan. The car is an absolute winner as it offers the best of the performance and mileage. The car is certainly one of the budget cars in the category as it comes in an affordable price range. With a whopping mileage of 23 Kilometer per liter, the car surely makes for one of the best vehicles in the category. The vehicle has a 5-speed manual transmission and a torque of 91Nm which certainly adds to its demand.
  • Kwid electric- Next in line, you have the Renault Kwid which is certainly the best in class and performance. This model of Renault are surely designed to attract the audience and people who would want to invest in a quality car which is equipped with all the required features. The car, just like the other electric cars is extremely easy and convenient. The battery life is extremely good which ensures that you do not have to worry about anything. What more? The affordability of the car is what adds to the capacity of it.
  • Kwid compact sedan- One of the prime reasons why the buyers trust Renault as a brand is because the brand offers them the required features within the said limit of budget. The compact sedan by Kwid is another one form the same category. This is to say that the car is available in petrol and diesel variants. Apart from that, the CMF-A platform which is a characteristic of the brand is also equipped in the car.
  • Kwid micro SUV- for those of you who would like to spend in a quality SUV within the said budget limit, the micro SUV by Renault is something that will surely attract your attention. The car gives a tough competition to many of the established brands and their high selling models in the given price range. Besides, the promise of Renault is something which is elemental to the car. Equipped with all the desired features, the car should certainly be on your list this season.

Thus, this was with the Renault Kwid price and other related features. We hope to have helped you.

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