6 Points You Must Consider While Hiring Home Care Services

6 Points You Must Consider While Hiring Home Care Services

Today life is very fast and active. You are not able to perform all the domestic tasks on your own. So, you hire experts who provide home care services.

Are you are aware what are the things to be considered while hiring a home care service? These are as follows:

  1. Know Your Needs

First of all, it is very basic to know that what kind of service is needed by you. Then only you will be able to approach and hire right kind of home care service provider. In general the home care services can be classified into two main categories. i.e. skilled care and custodial care. Skilled care services are for the medical needs while Custodial care services are for housekeeping, cooking, personal care, etc. All the agencies don’t provide all the services.

  1. Shortlist the Home Care Service Providers

Once you know your need, prepare a list of agencies providing the home care services as per your need. You may interview them to evaluate and compare them. You may use a checklist to decide the right home care service provider for you. This checklist generally includes:

(a) Has the home care service provider any literature depicting its services, fees, and eligibility requirements?

(b) What the age of intended home care service provider i.e. since how long has been in service?

(c) Has it obtained the license from the state?

(d) The range of home care services provided by intended agency

(e) Are there any facilities of specific services i.e. occupational therapy, etc.?

(f) Does it meet your language and cultural preferences?

(g) Are the employees properly trained and their background checks done?

(h) Is there any written statement explaining costs and payment plans?

  1. Confirm and Check References

Don’t hesitate to ask for a list of references from the home care service provider. You also contact them for whether they frequently refer clients to the intended agency. Check whether they have any contract with the service provider and what are the feedbacks of the persons to whom they recommended the services of a particular home care service provider.

  1. Be Polite but Firm to Reject

If, after your screening, you find that the particular home care service provider is not the right for you, don’t hesitate to reject it politely but firmly. If you don’t do this, you are going to land yourself in an uncomfortable situation.

  1. Don’t Engage an Individual for 24×7

You may hire any home care service provider, but be sure that a single individual can’t serve you for 24X7. Be considerate of his personal and family needs. He can’t remain with you. So, hire for at least 2 to 3 individuals on shift basis so that their basic needs are fulfilled and your services are also not hampered. When an individual from home care service agency reports to you, do esquire the basic things so that if he is not the right fit you can ask for a replacement from the agencies.

  1. Check for Insurance and Payroll of Employees Reporting You For Service

Check that your home care service provider that whether the employee is getting insurance and on a payroll of the agency or is a contractual worker. You also need to consult your financial advisor to take benefit of availing such service.

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