Jury Consultant: Whether You Should Hire Them Or Not

If you’re undergoing a trial then it’s better you take a jury selection consultant to help you out with the selection of your trial’s jury. It’s better to know for your trial lawyer that which jury will reject your appeal and which one will vote in your favor. An impartial jury concerns every trial lawyer and their client. The juror’s decision is highly influenced based on their likings for the convict.

What is the job of jury consultants? Jury consultants help you uncover the hidden bias of the potential jurors so they don’t declare their decision wrongly, influenced by their biased thinkings. They draw a sketch of your juror for you to help you decide the juror who can vote in your favor. This is a unique and unfair advantage of hiring a jury consultant but it’s fair because by keeping presumptions about a convict, the jurors are also not doing the right thing. 

Is hiring a jury consultant worth it? The answer depends on your trial lawyer if he says YES then it’s worth it. Otherwise, hiring a jury consultant might offend your jurors. Jury consultants industry is an unregulated business and there are no certifications that can validate a professional and a ‘wannabe’. Despite all these we suggest you to retain a jury consultant to help you out in the jury selection process. The main reason is that you have no control over who might show up as a jury because of the limited no of strikes before the selection process.

In most cases, there are some jurors who are never going to vote in your favor even if you’re right because of their biased presumptions and their already made up minds. Hence, it’s better to know which jury will reject your case and why by jury profiling. In this task, your jury consultant will help you. Every juror knows about your case and once you’ve decided on your jury, there’s no way you can do anything about whatever happens later. Your trial lawyer will be left with only one option and that is convince the jury with strong evidence and try to evoke strong emotions to get the vote in your favor.

How is hiring a jury consultant beneficial? Jury consultants are beneficial in many ways and it depends on your trial lawyer if he wants you to hire them or not.

  1. Jury consultants are your best chance to get the best results in your trial, let’s say a jury consultant is a weapon for the trial lawyer.
  2. Racial discrimination are very common in the judiciary, not because the judiciary promotes them but because the law has no control over the thoughts and perceptions of the potential jurors.
  3. Moreover, if your client is a celebrity, it’s recommended to hire a jury consultant because the jurors opinions will be based on their liking or dislike for your client.

Bottom line: Jury consultants have been a very successful tool in court trials but it’s upon you to hire them or not. If you can convince the jury with evoking strong emotions through strong defense evidence, you can avoid a jury consultant.

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