The Benefits and Side Effects Of The Popular Steroid Equipoise

BoldenoneUndecylenate, popularly known as Equipoise, is an anabolic steroid which is a derivative of testosterone. To be more precise, it is a structurally modified form of testosterone. But the modification in the structure is so shuttled that the only difference it has with testosterone is that it has less androgenic and estrogenic nature. When pushed into the human body, it takes up to 3-4 days to attain a peak release and over the next 21 days, the hormone gets continuously released. There are chances of developing Equipoise side effects but the chances are very low. It is nowhere as strong as testosterone and hence, a person can gain weight with supplementation.

Benefits Of Equipoise:

Slow But Effective – Equipoise stays active in the body longer than most other steroids which is useful for a bodybuilder. But if you are going to go for a drug test, you will get in trouble. Even though Equipoise is rather slow but when you start gaining muscles, it will be of high quality and highly stable. The result can be seen only after three years.

Internal Body Building –The red blood cells in your body will increase and with more workouts, you are likely to get more appetite than ever. To have a sure shot muscle gain, you should take it with mass building steroids. It enhances body’s tissue building process and does not let catabolism take place.

Androgenic Effect – Due to the presence of the androgenic effect, this sort of steroids help in retention of phosphorous, nitrogen and sodium in the body and reduce the release of calcium through urination.

Developing Equipoise Side Effects :

There is a very low chance of having some side effects just like most of the other steroids in its category.

Estrogenic Property – Due to aromatization to estrogen, it can cause excessive water retention and high blood pressure. Therefore, it is always preferred to take moderate doses only. In the case of moderate doses, even if the problems arise, they will subside with little or no attention.

Androgenic Property – Due to androgenic side effects, excessive hair loss, acne, excessive body hair growth and likewise can be experienced which are perfectly normal. For women, the side effects are slightly on the higher side as they may experience virilization which is the development of some male character. Clitoral enlargement, facial hair, and deepening of voice are some of the consequences. But it totally depends on the body composition of the girl.

Hormone Production – Just like any other anabolic steroid, Equipoise suppresses the production of testosterone.  But the rate of suppression is not alarming. You have to make sure that your body does not reach a low testosterone condition.

It is generally observed that Equipoise does provide some strain in the cardiovascular activities. But the strain is not something of extreme nature. You can use electronic health bands to see the changes and visit a doctor if strain gets high. Fortunately enough, it does not cause any stress or liver problem.

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