5 Things You Need To Teach Your Kids That Could Save Their Lives

5 Things You Need To Teach Your Kids That Could Save Their Lives

Teaching your kids valuable life lessons is one of the most important tasks of parenting. Throughout your kid’s early years, there are many opportunities to teach lessons that will safeguard their future health and happiness. In fact, many of the most important lessons you instill can also potentially safe their life in dangerous situations. Here are the top five lessons every parent should teach their child that they will protect them from harm for the rest of their lives.

 5 Things You Need To Teach Your Kids That Could Save Their Lives

Fire Evacuation Procedures

Building fires are among the most dangerous situations that a child could ever experience. In addition to teaching children to stop, drop and roll, parents should also spend time practicing how to exit the home in the event of a fire. Then, practice looking for exits when you are out with your children at local venues to plan for an emergency escape.

Pedestrian Safety

Young children should always be supervised when they are outside and near busy streets. While supervising your children, it is also important to point out the things you do to keep them safe. Practice looking both ways before crossing the street and express the importance of using a crosswalk.

How to Call for Help

When an emergency arises, it is essential for your kid to know how to contact your local police or fire department. Even children as young as three can learn how to dial 9-1-1 on the phone. When practicing, be sure to discuss when it is appropriate to call for help and post the number by the home phone.

How to Swim

Many drowning victims could be saved each year if they had only taken swimming lessons. Be sure to sign your kid up for SwimJim swimming lessons that are designed for your kid’s age and skill level. As your child progresses through their lessons, they will begin to learn swimming skills that can be used for the rest of their life.

Basic CPR and First Aid

In addition to swimming lessons, every child should learn basic first aid skills. Although a child may not be able to perform CPR until they are older, young children can still learn how to apply a bandage to a bleeding wound. As your child matures, gradually teach more first aid skills until your child can handle any emergency.

By taking the time to teach your child important life lessons, you will be able to teach them what they need to know to survive any situation. From sudden house fires to falling into a pool, your child should know what to do to save their lives in an emergency.

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