4 Bathroom Upgrades to Create a New Space

With the amount of time you spend in your bathroom, you are bound to memorise it like the back of your hand. If there are any bad memories associated with the space, or you are stuck in a rut, this familiarity does not help. Anything that prevents you from growing, even something as ordinary as a bathroom, should change. Here are four tips to transforming your space:

Keep everything functional

When you know something well, you can work around its faults and flaws. From the door that jams during the winter to the broken screen that lets in bugs in the spring, you know all the areas of improvement. The first thing you should focus on is making sure everything works. Replace your light bulbs. Update your electric sockets. Install a new drain if the old one is too rusty. Besides the fixed parts of the bathroom, declutter the contents as well. Throw out toiletries that have gone bad, or you are not using anymore. Make sure all your extra items work well from the hairdryer to the electric razor and toothbrush. Reducing the items in your bathroom down to the bare essentials can make you feel lighter. It is a mental and emotional relief, not just a visual one.

Update your points of improvement

The next level is to change the parts that work, but not well. For your floors, you can look for vinyl panels or new tile when the grout has mould that cannot be cleaned. Replace the floors and walls if the tiles are excessively chipped, cracked, or dated. These are signs of poor maintenance and care. You can take the opportunity to select a material and design that can improve the final look.

You can also upgrade to a granite worktop from London if you have a laminate surface since those are not very forgiving with heat and stains. Granite is also a composite material which means it is very durable and should withstand forces that would have chipped it if it were marble.

Replace your different hardware

Do not overlook the visual impact of your doorknobs and handles. You can make them match with the rest of the house if you want. However, you can also use the bathroom as a place to go all out. There are only three to four knobs or handles (it depends on the size of the room) you can opt for something fancy like handcrafted scrollwork or personalised wood. It is in the small details where your design and thought shine through.

Entertain the eye-level

When you repaint your walls or add new art, do not forget to pay attention to areas at your eye level. Especially, since that is what you spend your minutes/hours looking at while you are in the bathroom, you can introduce a pattern. Paint an accent wall. Have fun backsplash. If you have a generic bath, these pops of colour and shape would make you feel as if you are in a different place.

While the illusion that you are in a different place is nice and can be useful for a while, it should not be the final result. The crucial part of wanting to be in a different space is that you have changed. Do not just imagine it, make it happen. With these four steps, your bathroom will never be the same.

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