Military Grade Power Supply vs Standard Industrial Power Supply

Military Grade Power Supply vs Standard Industrial Power Supply

Your business operations may need to be completed in harsh conditions. A military grade power supply thrives in the harshest conditions imaginable to help you get your tasks completed successfully. Businesses that are using military power supplies can create setups that will run all their equipment no matter the situation. Even in tough situations a military power supply offers more than enough energy to run multiple pieces of equipment at the same time.  It’s what it was specifically designed to do: provide reliable power in tough situations. Below are five reasons Military grade, heavy duty industrial power supplies are better for your business operations than a standard industrial power supply. For more information visit: Abbott Technologies.

Outdoor Projects

Businesses that must run tests and projects outdoors need a military power supply that is designed to work in inclement weather. Rain, snow, sleet and wind are extremely dangerous for most electronic equipment, but the power supply used to run a test or program outside must stand up to the weather conditions during the test. No one can anticipate extreme weather conditions, but the tests must go on.

Heavy Travel

A military power supply will stand up to heavy travel for the many projects that are completed. The power supply is not fragile like so many other electronic units, and the power supply may be stored in the cargo holds or planes or trains. The power unit can be jostled a bit without worry that it will break down, and the power supplies can be shipped using traditional methods.


Military power supplies can sustain damage before they stop working, but all users must keep an eye on their power units during use. Small problems that may stop certain units from working will not change the effectiveness of a military power supply. Several different protective cases have been created for military power supplies, and the cases help prevent damage when the unit is slammed down on a table for quick work.

Purchase Prices

Military power supplies are sold at low prices due to their surplus status. A surplus unit is much less expensive than a brand new unit, and every business must save as much money as possible on all their transactions. Choosing a new power supply is much simpler when the unit is cheaper than all other options.

Why Is Rugged Better?

A rugged power supply is useful for all businesses regardless of the work they do. Rugged power supplies are more predictable, and people who use these power supplies will not feel uncomfortable using the power supplies in the field. The rugged design of a military power supply will prevent sand and dirt from infiltrating the casing, and the power supply will last much longer than a more delicate unit.

Each new operation requires a power supply that will stand the test of time. A business will spend less money in the long run on a single heavy duty military grade power supply that will last longer than a more delicate piece of equipment that needs to be replaced often. Consider a military power supply that will work in all situations for your particular business needs. These power supplies have multiple outlets, protective cases and a long lifespan. To know more benefits of military power supplies click here.

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