Bladeless Wind Turbines – Future Of Renewable Energy

The need of energy in today’s life is inevitable, but the energy sources are limited, to overcome this various renewable resources have been developed. Many countries of the world are switching to alternate energies and among which Germany has stood to receive 80% of the energy from renewable resources by 2050. Converting wind energy to electricity is proven to be among the best source of renewable energy. The wind mills and turbines employ large fans with long, sharp blades for the processing, but larger the blades more the electricity is generated and the wind power requires to move the blades is also is also high.

To overcome the maintenance and infrastructure, the Dutch researchers have developed bladeless wind turbines which produces electricity with the charged droplets of water. The conventional wind turbines convert kinetic energy to mechanical energy, where the blades of turbines are moved by wind and the energy inturn produces electricity. The electrostatic wind energy convertor created electricity from wind. The following are few types of bladeless wind turbines developed in the recent past:

Saphon Wind Turbine:

The current windmills uses large blades which are noisy and not only that it bears high danger to the animals nearby, almost tens of thousands birds, bats, eagles are dead because of this wind mills. For this reason and for the effective use of wind energy in future, a company named Saphon that is located out of Tunisia have come up with a wind energy technology which includes zero blade technology. The Zero Blade Technology is mainly inspired from the sailboat. This technology is expected to increase the efficiency of the current wind power conversion devices. The blades are replaced by a sail shaped structure and both hub and gearbox are removed.

Fuller Wind Turbine:

Fuller wind turbines are also developed to overcome the loss create by the traditional wind turbines. This fuller wind turbine is the invention of Solar aero. Its specialty is that is has only one rotating shaft unlike the former wind turbine , which is called turbine driveshaft. And all the components of the fuller wind turbine are assembled inside a housing by an expert electrician. It has a screened inlet and outlet , if noticed from closer the turbine’s only movement visible is when it adjusts to track the wind. It can be utilized in military surveillance and radar installations, since it requires low maintenance and no rotating shafts.

Lateral Axis Wind Turbine:

The latest invention to the wind turbine is lateral axis wind turbine, which is developed by Leelananda Jayasuriya from Sri Lanka. The functionality of turbine in this system is just like a Ferris wheel, in which the blades orbits in elliptical path around the central shaft. The lateral axis wind turbine can rotate in the direction of the wind, generates less sound and safer to birds and animals. It can be developed by the locally available material and could generate 20 MegaWatt of commercial electricity , which is verified by Commercial Electrician Sydney CBD.

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