Ukraine’s First Victory Over Spain. How to Make Ideal Bets

Ukraine's First Victory Over Spain. How to Make Ideal Bets

One of the most sensational victories of this football season was the victory of the Ukrainian team over Spain. The phenomenon of this victory is that this is the first victory in the history of Ukrainian football over Spain.

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The first match took place in mid-September. Then, at the height of the season, the teams played in Spain. At that moment the match ended with the result 3:0 in favor of Spain.

After the match, the Ukrainian national team coach took up the training with his team in all seriousness. It was not very easy for the losing team, because, after a tough match where they lost, a number of new sports events start with as strong rivals as Spain.

The second match between the two countries took place on October 13, 2020, and ended with a 1:0 result in favor of Ukraine. Throughout the match, the strikers of Spain played a fierce game. But the Ukrainian defenders reflected every attempt on a goal. All the odds and predictions for the outcome of the match indicated that Spain will come out the winner of the match.

When Ukraine won, the players who staked on this team became almost rich.

After such a match, many players had a question, how to place bets correctly, even if the teams in which you are confident do not always win?

Before betting on sports events and doing sports analyzes in general, you need to study the history of the team and look at the football calendar. Using the example of the match described above, you can indicate at least three factors that affect a winning bet.

The first and most important factor is that you need to consider the calendar table. If before the match, on which the player wants to place a bet, there has already been one match with the same team, then most likely the losing team will be stronger this time. Since during the first match, the losing team could simply recognize the weaknesses of their opponent. Or conversely. If, before the match, the team on which the game would like to bet already had several difficult matches, then most likely they will not win in this game either.

The second factor is the composition of the team. If the players who made bets on Spain knew that the head coach had changed the line-up before the match, it would be clear that this time the team would not be distinguished by such strength and speed.

And the last factor is not to bet on your favorite team if it is obvious that it is weaker. 60% of all bookmakers ‘income comes from bets on the players’ favorite teams. And often they fail.

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