Wedding Ready: How To Get The Best From Your Body In The Run-Up To Your Big Day!

Planning your wedding is one of the most exciting and stressful times of your life! Make sure you’re looking your best on your big day by following these easy-to-implement tips.

Set yourself a SMART goal

These are goals that are specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and time bound.

If you want to lose weight, don’t just give yourself a vague promise that you’ll drop the pounds by W-day. Get specific. How much exactly are you going to lose? Make sure your goal is measurable. You don’t have to choose pounds; you could decide to drop a dress size instead. Just make sure your goal is something you can measure.

Your target should be achievable and realistic. For example, don’t give yourself one month to lose two stone. That’s not realistic or safe.

Finally, your goal should be time bound. Set yourself a realistic deadline!

Plan your meals

Yes, you’ve heard it before, but planning meals is one of the best ways to sustain a healthy diet. You’ll also save a tonne of money and do the environment a good turn too by cutting down on your food waste.

Plan your meals a week in advance so you don’t succumb to takeaway pizzas on a Friday night. Your future wedding photos will thank you for it!


Chances are, you’ve probably got a juicer or blender stashed away in your kitchen cupboard. Give it a wipe down and get creative by blending fruits and vegetables into delicious smoothies. Juicing is a great way to detox your body and rid it of toxins. You’ll feel more alert and your skin will be bright and clear on your wedding day.

Book yourself into a spa

As if anyone needs an excuse to head to the spa for the day! Treat yourself and your chief bridesmaid to a day at the spa. The time spent together will do wonders for your mental wellbeing and you’ll get a chance to bond with one of your besties too.

Emerging from a spa should leave your skin looking brighter and if you’ve indulged in a couple of treatments, you will benefit from those too.

Head to the massage parlour

Why not treat you and your fiancé to a luxurious massage in the run up to the wedding? If will give you both welcome relief from planning and will help soothe tired muscles from all the wedding shopping you’ve been doing.

Massages might seem expensive, but they make you feel invigorated and relaxed afterwards. This is a stressful time, so go ahead and book yourself in.

Pearly whites

Consider all of the photographs that will be taken on the big day. These are photos that are going to stay in your family for generations to come. Make sure the grand children don’t have anything to laugh at by getting your teeth professionally whitened.

This isn’t just a celeb trend. More brides are opting for this preparative treatment so they can be confident that they look fabulous on film as well as real life.

Work it out

Set your alarm a little earlier and treat yourself to an early morning workout. Exercising in the morning really wakes your body up for the rest of the day. You’ll never have to experience that guilty feeling that you should be at the gym, instead of shopping or drinking coffee with friends.

Exercising on an empty stomach has also been shown to burn twenty per cent more body fat. What a result!

There’re several different plans of action that you can take to get your body in tip top shape for your big day. Remember, the earlier you start, the better. You are more likely to keep up healthy habits, and you’ll also have longer to achieve the results you desire.

Don’t go over the top with diet and exercise. Always make choices that are sustainable to your life. After all, you don’t want to look back at your wedding photos and wish you still looked that great! Hopefully, your new habits will stick and you can enjoy a gorgeous, healthy body for life.

Hayley H is a Blogger for the new online fitness video website starring Lucy from TOWIE- Results With Lucy. Hayley has a wealth of knowledge in the health and fitness industry and loves to pass on her tips and tricks.

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