Why Your Business Needs To Start Focusing On Local SEO

Local search engine optimization is no longer just about local mom and pop stores anymore. In fact, since Google’s “pigeon” update back in 2014, almost any business can take advantage of the benefits from local SEO. Local SEO has grown to become more relevant to entrepreneurs, driving those who never considered a local tangent in their previous marketing campaigns to start implementing local online marketing techniques.

On the other hand, businesses that have been practicing local optimization strategies saw the recent update as an opportunity to further increase their efforts. If you are still hesitant to jump on the bandwagon, here are a few good reasons that should convince you.

Local SEO is Practically Free

Even if you are a small business owner with limited marketing resources, local SEO provides you with more potential in breaking new ground. You can implement various tactics that would not cost anything.

All you need is to devote some time into getting listed on online directories, encouraging your customers to leave online reviews, and making sure that your website and social media profiles all have the same business name, address, and phone number. Google offers free tools that will help you increase your online visibility, such as Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools.

Individualized Results

Despite the fact that Google’s predictive and customized search features are limited, this search engine is capable of generating specific results based on the user’s search history and geographic location as long as they are logged into their Google account. More and more users are staying logged in as this is a more convenient way to access their bookmarks, seach history, and apps. Implementing local SEO makes sure that you are visible to these types of users.

Growth of Mobile Gadgets and Wearable Devices

The percentage of online searches being made on mobile devices steadily grows every year, and majority of these mobile searches are done while on the go. As wearable devices, such as the Apple Watch, become more popular among users, they will inevitably start using on-the-go searches more often. Consequently, mobile gadgets and wearable devices will be driving more geographically relevant networks of information.


With competition increasing, it becomes ideal for business owners to look for smaller target niches for them to achieve relevant online visibility. Local SEO is one of the most effective online marketing strategy that will help your business achieve this. It will be helpful to sign up for SEO training so you can be fully equipped with the needed skills that will help you execute this type of marketing strategy successfully.

It is apparent that, unless you have already built a dominant online presence on major search engines on a national level, or your business does not operate in a single physical location, local SEO is going to be very important for your business to achieve search engine visibility. If you want to be noticed and to be the preferred brand over the rest of the competition, it is best to start taking measures now by implementing your online local SEO strategy and staying committed to it.

Michelle Rubio is an experienced SEO copywriter and blogger since 2010. She has been working with various businesses, big and small, in the United States, UK, Canada, and Australia. You can see more of her works and experiences in her LinkedIn profile.

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