Is All In One Good For Your Office?

Walk into any office and you’ll see an array of machines, from computer to fax machines, printers and copiers. These days many of these single machines are being transformed into a multi-functional device and will incorporate all of the above in their workings.

Is All In One Good For Your Office?

What’s A Multi-function (All-In-One) Printer?

You may have a fax machine, a telephone, a scanner, and couple personal computers, along with a printer. Currently, each one of these devices could be expensive as well as difficult to maintain. If you wish to save yourself much less problem, you better purchase yourself a multi-functional printer.

But is all in one good for your office?

Advantages of a Multi-function Printer

There are several advantages of having a single multi-functional machine.

Everything is rolled into one: One of the most exciting benefits to multi-function printers is their function as a printer, scanner, copier, and fax machine, all encompassed in one piece of compact device.

For an example we’ll use Canon FAX L140 – Average toner price is $30, even less if you buy in bulk (price range is used from: Ink Station) and you can print up to 2000 pages. This model doesn’t have a scanner but it’s not huge so it wouldn’t take too much of you your office space.

Space, the final frontier

Obviously you’ll not need to have numerous heavy machines cluttering up your office if you purchase a multi-function printer. Multi-functional printers are perfect for folks who have limited space in their offices and do not have enough space for other pieces of equipment.

Single Support Center

Because you have the device that you need in one technology alone, there’ll be lesser equipment for you to take care of. You’ll not have to keep a lot of manuals with you. You will also not have to contact several offices to have your machine fixed. If something is wrong with the copier, you just need to contact the manufacturer of the multi-function printer. If you have a problem with the fax machine and the scanner it can be fixed by one person alone.

Maintenance Cost

Expense on a multi-functional printer is cheaper from the initial purchase, as you’re only purchasing a single machine, rather than a scanner, copier, fax machine, printer etc. Also you’ll save on a warranty for the one equipment rather than several for each individually. Maintenance of this equipment will also save you some money over time as will the top-up costs such as cartridges, as you can purchase them all from the one place and save money on shipping costs.

Image Resolution Adjustment

Several multi-function printers have the ability to adjust the resolution of the images they print to ensure the quality excellence of the picture.

Quality Printing Capabilities

Multi-function printers are designed to print-out orders that are simple to complex, without compromising on clarity. Colors stay pure and lively and black is crisp, whether you are printing out a large image or an order form.

Stapling Feature

Several users are unaware that their multi-function printers can staple pages together itself, and they spend time stapling pages together. If you have packets to put together, ask about the finishing features of your multi-function printer.

Booklet Making

If you have ever put together a booklet for a project meeting, you know it can be a time consuming task. The beauty of multi-function printers is that they can be your extra pair of hands, putting together booklets for you swiftly and perfectly, while you focus on other vital tasks.

Here you can find a list of top 10 All in One printers with detailed reviews.

Disadvantages of Multi-function Printers

However, there are disadvantages with multi-function printers.

Limited Usage of the Printer features

It may not be possible to use all the features of the multi-function printer at the same time. For example, you cannot print a document and scan one together. You may also not be able to send a fax message while your multi-function printer is still scanning or printing.

Lack of Quality

Multi-function printers generally do not have the same quality as stand-alone equipment. Some functions can be compromised in favor of another. For example, you might be able to print quality pictures, but the scanner might not be of high quality.

If one function goes wrong then basically other functions fail to work as well. What’s more, you will be required to send your multifunction printer to the manufacturer to be repaired and you could stay without it for some time. However, if you have a warranty a replacement can be sent to you.
So, if you are considering taking the plunge and buying a all in one printer for your office, it’s highly recommended that you do so. The effort, money, and time that all in one printer saves makes it a worthy workspace investment.

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