Online Profiles: 4 Lies Men Tell (Are You Lying To Women Online?

Meeting girls online is risky business.You never know when the woman you are starting to like might turn out to be a teenager who’s having some fun. Just as easy it is for other people to fool you, it’s also easy for you to misinterpret yourself. It’s okay if you are lying about your favorite band but when it comes to your credentials or where you live, you need to answer those questions truthfully. Many couples who meet each other for the first time after dating online have to go through an awkward conversation when they say “Oh, you aren’t quite like you were online.” Here are 4 of the most common lies men tell women online:

1. Using an Outdated Photograph

If you are in your thirties, you must have looked a lot younger in your twenties. Many men prefer to out pictures of themselves when they were at the peak of their attractiveness. Perhaps, you are using a photo of yourself when you had more hair or when you weighed a lot less. These details may not hold much important to you but the woman viewing your online profile wants to talk to the person they see in the photo.

Be honest with yourself.How would you like it if a woman in her thirties posted a picture of herself in her twenties only for you to fall for her? You’d be quite disappointed to see the wrinkles on her skin when meeting her for the first time. Stick to using your current photos.This will save you the awkwardness on the first date.

2. Lying About The Age

Many women have a specific age range in mind when they are looking for a date online, so if you are 45 years old but your online profile says you are 39,you are in for some trouble on your first date. Men lie about their age online so that they can date younger women. Keep in mind that your age is something you cannot hide once you meet in person so if you want to date younger women, maybe looking for them online is not the best option.

3. Telling Her What She Wants to Hear Only (So She’ll Go out with You)

When you are dating online, you need to be clear about what you expect from the other person. If a women’s online profile states she is looking for a serious relationship and that she is open to having children someday,it means she actually wants all those things. Men find that being honest might limit their options so they just pretend that they are okay with a serious relationship even when they are not ready. Don’t be the guy who’s just wasting other people’s time, including his own.If you don’t want kids, look for women who want the same.

4. Being a Chameleon

Many guys think that mirroring their profiles according to a woman’s basic requirements will land them a date. If you are only looking for a casual date, don’t make your profile appear like you are some romantic guy that likes long walks and dancing. Be clear about your intentions from the beginning so you do not have to face trouble afterwards.

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