The Perks and Challenges of Being a Driver in San Francisco

San Francisco – a beautiful US city that functions as the cultural, financial and commercial center of Northern California. The city’s Golden Gates welcomes everybody, regardless if you are a long time resident or a first time tourist there, San Francisco is known for having a bit of everything. Being a driver there is, however, another story. Riding across town on a daily basis comes with quite the few challenges, but also some perks, and these usually are the following:

Heavy traffic – third most congested city in the US

Let’s start with the most obvious downside of driving through the city and that is the traffic. San Francisco has made it in the top 10 most congested US cities, occupying the third position, with drivers wasting somewhere around 79 hours in traffic per year. Driving in the city on a daily basis means you need to be equipped with a bit of patience and to be prepared to often being stuck in a traffic jam during rush hours.

Finding a parking spot seems impossible unless you leave the house prepared

Considering the high traffic San Francisco deals with an increasing number of daily commuters searching for a parking space in the city, actually managing to find a free space to leave your car will seem impossible. The reduced parking availability in San Francis is one of the challenges drivers are faced with, but you can easily turn things in your favor if you simply leave the house prepared. Search for exclusive parking opportunities on the internet and book your spot in exactly the location you desire for the period of time wanted. Securing a monthly parking spot through a reliable, exclusive network will give you the chance to turn an otherwise challenge into an actual perk, and prevent this particular detail from affecting your driving experience around the city.

Useful traffic signs – properly maintained streets and highways

The heavy traffic might come as an inconvenience from time to time, but it certainly doesn’t take away the pleasure of driving. In San Francisco you will discover a wide range of useful traffic signs placed at every street corner that allow you to keep your rides coordinated and avoid making driving mistakes that may cause incidents. The streets and highways are also maintained in a proper condition, upgrades being pursued with regularity, so your car won’t deal with problems even if you may be driving in the city on a daily basis.

Beautiful Scenery

You can’t help but admire the surroundings as you drive through the beautiful city, and the suburbs, of San Francisco. From the shoreline to beautiful hills and curvy roads, a drive in San Francisco can be a thrill, and this is definitely one of the perks that makes dealing with congestion and traffic a little bit easier.

Driving vs. public transportation

While if you consider the traffic problems the city deal with, you might think that using other means of transportation would be more advantageous, you’ll soon come to the realization that this is still the more rapid and convenient option. Once you get used to the rush hours and know how to elude the most congested parts of town, you could actually enjoy your driving experience in the city, and one perk that remains true in SFO is that being a driver is far more convenient than relying on public transportation.

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