Top 4 Courses for Further Education Abroad

In a fast and competitive world, knowledge is a permanent weapon. Top quality education arms you with the knowledge and skills to get a great job and a successful career. While the Indian education standards have improved vastly over the last few years, rising number of students prefer to pursue further education abroad. Postgraduate degrees and diplomas at renowned colleges really help you get that edge over others.

Choice of the course is extremely important. A not-so-appealing course in a good educational institution is of little help. There are some courses which have been long-time favourites. And there are some which have become very relevant in today’s fast-changing world.

However, just like everything else, education has also become expensive. If you are among those who have saved up for an education abroad, or your parents have created savings for you, you would not face with the financial woes that come with this aspiration. However, if you have not, affordable and easy education loan can be the answer.

If you want to avail a personal loan for education, you can approach an NBFC like Tata Capital with your KYC details, details of the course and tenure along with your past grades. You may need a parent or a co-signer with a stable income while applying for an education loan. Ideally, education loans work in your favour if you have a letter of acceptance from your preferred university. So it does make sense that you apply for the course of your preference and apply for an education loan as well.

There are many courses that you can apply for.  Understanding your educational background, your interests and the career growth you are looking for can help you find the right kind of university and course. So, here are the top 4 courses that you study abroad:

MS in Computer Science & Engineering

Some of the biggest companies in today’s world are driven by technology. There are Apple, Facebook, Amazon, Microsoft and Google, among others. A career in computer science enables to design and analyze new computer systems. With ever-growing work done in the robotics and artificial intelligence, companies need employees with a solid educational background in Computer Science. Top-quality educational institutes and universities only offer you a postgraduate in this stream if you have a prior graduate degree in computer science & engineering. With an average annual salary of $100,000 or Rs 75 lakh, taking a personal loan for an MS in Computer Science and Engineering course abroad is a great choice.

MBA in Finance, Marketing, HR            

An MBA from a top foreign university is always worth its weight in gold. Three specializations, i.e. finance, marketing and HR, are especially in high demand from employers. Candidates with an MBA in either finance, marketing or HR has a good chance of getting the dream job. Finance companies are increasingly hiring even sales teams with MBA in finance. On the human resources front, HR is the buzzword as services economies take off. Investing in an education loan to get an MBA in HR is a good investment if you have a knack for the same. Those with a flair for marketing can look at MBA in Marketing. Sales and marketing is the front engine running all corporates here and abroad. So, it makes a lot of sense to get your MBA in marketing and follow it up with an internship in globally renowned firms. You can calculate the total repayment cost yourself once you know personal loan interest rates for educational purposes.

Postgraduate in Hospitality Management

If you have noticed, social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn are filled with people taking a vacation or travelling to new locales. The stress and tension in the modern world make it necessary for people to unwind whenever possible. Travel is the best cure, they say. This also means there is a tremendous demand of employable workforce in the hospitality sector. While there are good institutes in India, a global postgraduate degree in hospitality management opens up new vistas for your career. Top-class faculty, global audience, social interactions abroad with foreigners and intensive skill-training can prepare you for the hospitality boom that is undergoing in India. The best financial lenders like Tata Capital can offer you a gateway to a richer and successful career through an education loan for an overseas postgraduate in hospitality management. You can easily earn lakhs per months once you return to India to a job in a major hospitality group/brand. This will help you easily pay the loan EMIs. Check the personal loan interest rates today to decide the EMI cost.

MS In Data Science      

Data Science and Big Data are next big topics nowadays in the IT sector. Such streams are connected to data analysis and business intelligence. An overseas education degree like an MS in Data Science imparts the requisite knowledge, global exposure and professional skills that are incredibly valuable for the evolving job market.  The world is revolving around trillion gigabytes of data. A skilled data scientist can analyze the data and provide futuristic solutions. An overseas MS in Data Science can help you a key job in national governments, local authorities, consulting companies, and market research companies, with six-figure salaries. While India’s IITs are excellent places to learn about data science, the student intake is limited. It is only abroad that you can get admission to a top university. Good quality education requires money. This is where lenders like Tata Capital can provide you with a quick education personal loan to get your admission in the dream course.

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