Some Killer Kitchen Remodel Ideas

There’s no denying the fact that kitchen remodels hold a special place in homeowner’s hearts. If you are thinking of taking up one such project, here is some insight on how you should go about designing the most frequented area in your home:

Some Killer Kitchen Remodel Ideas

Traditional influences

There are quite a few kitchen remodeling trends in recent times which call back to previous eras. Wide open windows, ornate French designs with grand arches, detailed facades, floral patterns, etc. are all popular today. Perhaps the most common tradition over the last 10 years is the farmhouse kitchen style. These kitchens rely on the use of stone, metal and wood. They usually feature a combination of wooden countertops and heavy stones like granite, burnished metal accents, wooden countertops, and appliances that are hidden behind wooden paneling. This style exudes a lot of warmth.


Most designs work with limited pallets. But when you’re remodeling your kitchen, you should remember that there are no rules. You don’t have to stick to boring whites, blacks, browns and beiges.

You could consider some slightly off neutral colors like burnt reds. You could go further with greens, light blues, bright reds, yellows, purples, etc. All these colors can find a place in a well-planned remodeling project.

Your kitchen shouldn’t look like a playhouse, but that doesn’t mean you need to be a puritan either.

Open up the floor plan

If you have space or can create enough space, you should consider working with open kitchen designs.

Instead of tucking your kitchen in one corner, knock the walls down and free up some space. Many kitchen designs can bleed into your dining or living room. This will help make cooking a more social experience. These designs usually feature counters or islands which help separate adjoining rooms and provide an area for people to sit and socialize while you are cooking.

Even though most cooks and chefs will appreciate this additional breathing space in the kitchen, they are also great for house parties and entertaining.

Sustainable kitchens

There are a number of ways in which you can use a remodeling project to reduce the environmental impact of your kitchen.

For starters, you could use sustainably harvested wood for the counters, cabinets and floors in your kitchen. Bamboo is slowly becoming a viable and popular earth friendly alternative to traditional wood which is used by many designs.

The biggest win, however, is going to be with the use of energy efficient appliances. Not only will these appliances ensure you do your part for the environment, they will also help reduce your energy bills substantially. Who knew that your home remodel could end up saving you money too?

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