Patrick Dwyer Merrill Lynch – An Insight Into 3 Significant Events of US History

The USA is a great nation with a glorious history. The unity of the American people is known across the globe today. When it comes to its history, there have been some major events that have changed the world, bringing an end to the previous devastating World Wars that caused a lot of misery and deaths of innocent people. America is a superpower today, and it is proud of its rich history that is popular not only in the nation but across the world too!

Patrick Dwyer Merrill Lynch – An overview of 3 historical US events that changed the world

Patrick Dwyer is the Managing Director and International Private Wealth Advisor with Merrill Lynch Wealth Management in Miami, USA. He is based in Miami and has a deep interest in the history of the USA. He says that when it comes to US history, he says that three significant events changed the world. Patrick Dwyer Merrill Lynch takes inspiration from these historical events as he lists them below-

  1. The American Revolution (1775-1781)- This phase is not only an important time for US history, but it played a significant role in introducing the world to the power of democracy. He says to imagine what the world would have been like today if America would still have been under the British Rule. In fact, it was the American Revolution that inspired The French Revolution, and other colonies followed suit in the fight for freedom!
  2. The American Civil War- Another significant era in the history of America. This might have been the bloodiest wars of the nation, but it wiped out the horrors of slavery. Black Americans were given their rightful place in society with voting rights and the rights to own property and office. They were regarded as American citizens with equal rights like their White counterparts, thanks to President Abraham Lincoln. He was instrumental in giving Black Americans their basic rights. He fought against slavery and inspired many other American leaders after him to abolish prejudice and discrimination against Black Americans.
  3. The Atomic Bomb or The Manhattan Project – There is still a lot of debate when it comes to launching of The Atomic Bomb by America for Japan; however, it put an end to the horrific Second World War. Not only did the Atomic Bomb terminate the war, but it’s devastating effects subsequently made nations across the world hesitant to get into wars again. The Second World War was the largest global war that nations across the globe witnessed and the USA was instrumental in ending it for good!

Patrick Dwyer Merrill Lynch says that these three historical events have left an indelible mark on people in the past and still have an impact on people today. He says that the USA started democracy and gave people equal rights. It has inspired nations to break the bondage and enjoy the fundamental rights that every human deserves. He sums up by saying that he is proud to be a part of this great nation that has a rich history and a glorious past!

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