Avoid Essay Writing Mistakes That Can Damage Your Grades

Mistakes usually happen while writing an essay paper. After completing the paper, you can go through the whole content in detail for 3 to 4 times to grab any grammatical or structure errors. Not adhering to the right format of essay writing is a common error students tend to repeat. In addition, the work needs to be passive form and concept needs to be clear with a smooth flow.

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Mistakes to Avoid while Writing an Essay paper

Professor wants to give each student an “A”. So, what you need to do is try to avoid the below mentioned mistakes, while writing an essay.

• Introduction is meant to be in the First Page

Some students take some sentences from the introduction part of their essay paper and reframe them in different ways, so as to use the reframed sentences in the conclusion part of the essay. This is a common mistake that the students should avoid, as the professors will grade such papers very poorly.

• Going out of Formatting Instructions

Some of the professors suggest their students to follow some formatting instructions, while writing the essay paper. The instructions might include citation style, spacing, margins, fonts, length, etc. Apart from such special instructions from your professor, there are some basic rules that you should follow, while writing the essay paper. If you do not follow these formatting instructions, then your paper might not get expected scores.

• Grammatical Mistakes

Grammatical errors are the biggest mistake that you should avoid, while writing your essay. Even though you have collected enough information about the topic from many sources, your paper can still be graded poorly if the content is grammatically poor.

• Forgetting to Create a Good Title for the Paper

Always remember that only good title can arouse the interest of the readers. If you forget to create a nice title for your paper, or fail to make it an interesting one, then this mistake can cost you significantly in the form of scores.

• Failing to provide Right Evidence

Being the writer of the paper, you cannot fail to provide right proof that can explain that the information that you have provided is collected from genuine sources. If there is no evidence of genuine sources in your paper, then it will become another unsubstantiated assertion.

• Explaining Something that is Already Established as a fact

If there is no argument in your paper, then it can never be considered as an actual essay. Bibliography and summary are the only parts that do not require an argument, as the information provided in them is already established. If you are explaining something fresh in your essay, then make sure that you avoid the mistake of not including enough argument with evidence support in the paper.

• Plagiarizing

This is the biggest mistake that you should avoid. If you plagiarize the information from different sources, without providing enough evidence, then there are chances of your paper graded as the “plagiarized” one. This can harm your future career.

In order to avoid such unwanted mistakes, it is wise to go with the idea of looking for professional online writing services. They will guarantee to give well written essay that can fetch you excellent grades.

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