All You Need to Know Before Renting a Co-working Space

The current trend in versatile office spaces is co-working. There are so many advantages of hiring a co-working space compared to leasing a space. The best part is that you get access to all the facilities that are there in any modern office space. Co-working space is much-loved by millennials of today due to its budget-friendly and flexible rentals. If you are an entrepreneur, freelancer or self-employed, check out these co-working spaces:

WeWork as a co-working space offers individual and shared workstations on a rental basis. The membership allows you to access the cafeteria, lounge, office appliances, etc. They also have private cubicles and meeting rooms for four to ten people. The interiors of flagship WeWork properties are tastefully done in contemporary décor theme. WeWork has recently launched ‘We retail space’, café and workplace in Flatiron district. This retails store is promoting products like candles, hats, speakers, headphones, T-shirts, and hoodies made by the partner companies. The walls are done in pastel white to complement ergonomic and minimalist furniture. Motivational quotes adorn the walls to provide a boost of inspiration to the workers. Co-working space also hosts an array of networking events, which provide knowledge and learning to the employees. WeWork has four fully operational co-working spaces in Gurgaon. There are many co-working offices for rent in Noida and Delhi NCR. Candor TechSpace has five flagship properties in Gurgaon, Noida, Kolkata across India. If you are looking for an office in Kolkata check out Candor Techspace in Rajarhat area.  Their smart campuses are equipped with banks, ATMs, convenience stores, shuttle service, day care, food court, gymnasium, café and smart box delivery among others. Their co-working spaces offer both indoor and outdoor seating. The walls are done in charcoal grey with décor items in vibrant hues. Some of these properties have walking, jogging tracks and swimming pool. The Wing is a one-of-a-kind female co-working club located in New York, Washington DC, and Brooklyn. It hosts private & open workspaces, networking events and film screenings. The décor theme showcases an eclectic mix of contemporary and vintage furnishings. The colors used on the walls and floors are shades of white and pastels. The furniture, accent wall and décor items are done in soft pink, peach, and beige. Furniture is carefully designed to envisage comfort and feminine style. The original features of the warehouse-like high ceilings, skylights, and windows have been restored. This workspace has a gourmet cafeteria and other essential amenities.

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