How to Create Excellent YouTube Videos?

Youtube is one of the most popular platforms for online entertainment. It is where people can share and contribute their content to entertain and inform others. There are basic methods that we need to be aware of when trying to create excellent YouTube videos that can properly entertain others. As an example, we could use proper light, especially if we shoot indoors. In many cases, turning on all lights in a room isn’t enough. We may need additional lights, such as a few flood flashlights to provide bright, well-distributed light. Proper lighting will remove any graininess in the footage and the image will look much brighter. If possible, we should shoot outdoor, but when doing that, it’s important that the sun is in front of the subject, but without making the subject squint. Also, we should make sure that the background isn’t too bright due to the intense reflection. In general, we should know how to properly control the amount of light that can be permitted into the camera.

You may have high megapixel video camera with the latest digital technology, but it is important to avoid doing specific things. Zooming is something that we need to avoid. If we want to use the optical zooming feature, we should make sure that the quality is similar with zero zoom condition. It is important to avoid using digital zoom feature whenever possible. The video quality will degrade sharply and this will ruin the viewing experience. Instead, we should walk closer to the subject. Also, the audio will be much clearer and louder when we walk closer to the subject. Viewing experience will also improve if we properly frame the subject. It should be positioned directly at the center of the frame, so people will find it more pleasant to focus on and watch. One main benefit of having a digital camera is that we can record footage as much as we want and then we could delete them. The same storage space can be reused over and over again.

For this reason, we should consider to use the overshoot method. It means that we need to shoot earlier and stop shooting later. We will be able to record much more and we could still edit later. When we overshoot, it may seem like that nothing is happening. In reality, unexpected things could happen. We will be able to put more into the final product. Modern digital video cameras are able to support high-capacity memory cards and we should invest on one, if we want to record more. Also, latest iPhone and Android smartphone models have decent cameras that we can use to get decent results. So, we will be able to record more videos and remove the boring scenes later. If we have more footage, we will be able to achieve well composed videos. Our YouTube videos will be more entertaining and we will be able to provide more content for users. It is important to know how to properly edit videos, so we will be able to get much better results.

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