Lesser Known Places In Coorg For The Explorer In You!

Lesser Known Places In Coorg For The Explorer In You!

Surely the “Scotland of India,” Coorg is one of the best traveller attractions in India. Cool breeze, mystical hills, salubrious climate, and rich odour of coffee and cardamom estate will encompass your sensitivity as you step into this quaint hill station of Karnataka. Serene, unspoiled, and beautiful, Coorg is the ideal retreat to unravel and refresh or indulge into a sheer adventure.

You can take a trip to Coorg round the year as temperature ranges between 14-20 degrees on this popular hill station. If you are looking to visit Coorg, October to March is the ideal time for adventure and trekking activities, while March and April are the perfect time to view the valley adorned with beautiful white flowers. It is perfect to avert June to September as it’s a season of monsoon to relish the vacation, though the elegance of Coorg is embellished during rains.

So, are you thinking about a holiday in Coorg? Book best resorts in Coorg, and relish the best places in Coorg.

The Romantic Raja’s Seat

Lesser Known Places In Coorg For The Explorer In You!

Once the best space of leisure of Kodagu kings, Raja’s Seat is undoubtedly one of the top places to travel in Coorg! Nowhere else you will acknowledge flowers flourish so beautifully as you acknowledge them in Raja’s Seat, a draping seasonal garden roosted on a hillock that provides an amazing view of the dusk. Take a trip to the Raja’s Seat early in the morning, and you will acknowledge the valley enveloped with steam, depicting a bride in a beautiful white gown. There is eventually a pillared monument between the admirable gardens, providing sublime structural beauty. It is also an amazing space for recreational exercises and mostly travelled by honeymoon couples and families. Rejuvenate and unwind at the lap of nature at Raja’s Seat.

The beautiful Abbey Falls

Lesser Known Places In Coorg For The Explorer In You!

The Abbey Falls is surely one of the most delightful waterfalls in South India, stationed 10 kilometres away from Madikere. Definitely, one of the finest places to be in Coorg, the gorgeous waterfalls plunging down from beautiful mountains of the Western Ghats, with steamy clouds in the background, is a refinement to behold. The water rushes down over the rock in booming splash, providing a gorgeous sight to relish forever. The waterfalls are curled up amid stretches of pepper vines and coffee plantations, oozing scenic beauty. It is also a popular trekking destination in Coorg. Move down the hanging bridge to have an amazing view of the falls.

The Captivating Cauvery Nisargadhama

Cauvery Nisargadhama is an alluring island created by Cauvery River and is one of the prime tourist spaces in Coorg. Space, which is also a popular picnic spot near Coorg, expands around 64 km. And is nuzzled amid thick, lush foliage, bamboo groves, and appealing teak sandalwood and trees. Space can be reached via a hanging rope bridge, which is perchance the most uplifting segment of the journey. Once can come across peacocks, deer, and rabbits in this space. There is also an orchidarium and kid’s playground in this space.

The Mesmerizing Mallalli Falls

The vibrant and beautiful Mallalli Falls is stationed at the foothills of Pushpagiri Hills in District of Kodagu of Karnataka and is one of the best tourist places in Coorg that appeal nature adventure and lovers enthusiasts. The waterfalls plunge down majestically from an extreme height of approximately 200 ft., making it one of the biggest falls in South India. The sound and sight of the water trouncing against the rocks beneath is a spectacle to behold, which will reflect in your mind forever.

Visit the waterfalls during the season of monsoon when it emanates a more brilliant charm that will surprise you. Book best resorts in Coorg to simply listen to the sound of the water and relax as it cascades through crevices.

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