7 Unknown Facts About SEO That Every Leader Needs To Know

7 Unknown Facts About SEO That Every Leader Needs To Know

Most organizations see SEO as a quality service that should be included in online marketing strategy what they fail to realize is that this taboo can hurt their businesses.
In this post, we will discuss the importance of SEO service and debunk the myths regarding its inclusion in the online business.

Fact 1:- SEO Cannot be Replaced with Just Any Other Product

The amount of good feedback your product receives directly depends upon your brand showing up in the search results. Number of searches increases the favor ability of the product to show up often.

Soon in future, customer satisfaction will become the primary factor of your product showing up on search results.

Fact 2:- SEO Cannot be Performed by Installing Plug-ins

If you think that checking off some boxes in  plug-in settings of your web browser will improve your product search results, then you have to rethink your marketing strategy. An SEO expert does a  lot than just it. An SEO expert can easily handle problems like the changing of website code that affect SEO negatively, or slowing down of website because of random plug-in downloads.

Fact 3:- DATA Driven SEO is Always Effective

There are some potential customers that you haven’t reached yet, and you cannot put the blame on SEO or Google itself, it’s because of your poor execution and planning.

If a minute change in your strategy works in your favor, that gives you desired results, then you should just stick to that and stop other things that are just pulling your product backwards in terms of reaching the customers.

Guessing and taking unnecessary risks will only drive your business downhill. That’s why decision making should be based on hard facts and not on intuitions and gut feeling.

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Fact 4:- SEO must be Integrated, and it shouldn’t be considered as an Add-On

Most people tend to search Google for things and it’s a place where maximum traffic to your website will be generated from. These organic searches connects companies with buyers, so it is important for any business to prioritize their SEO service.

SEO should be the part of your marketing strategy from the beginning  that helps in delivering useful results in future.

Fact 5:- Good SEO Helps when Marketing is through Content

If your traffic generation is through content marketing, you should research about the search behavior and patterns of your customers. You should decide what keywords to include which will show up in top results and research for planning your content.

Fact 6:- Paid Search and SEO Combined Increases Sales

Business leaders often tend to misunderstand that paid traffic and search engine optimization are both distinctive terms in online marketing. They fail to realize the fact that if address search users, SEO and PPC(Pay Per Click) teams combined together, will produce more traffic on their websites, that will only result in increased sales for their organization.

Fact 7 :- Converting Regular Customer to Paid Customer through SEO

Once SEO figures out the pattern of your typical web viewer it delivers effective results. After attaining  a good flow of traffic on your website, you should strategics towards converting your customers into paid customers.

Once you identify your customers and are familiar with their needs, your marketing communication becomes more efficient.

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