7 Amazing Wedding Catering Ideas To Choose From

7 Amazing Wedding Catering Ideas To Choose From

Your wedding day is, undeniably, one of the most cherished days of your whole life. The best part about weddings- it is only the beginning of innumerable wonderful things coming the way of you and your significant other. Everybody loves weddings! The bridal couple to the proud parents to the family and close friends, no one can get enough of it. It is a day for emotion and for celebration; probably one of those few moments in life where we all cry because we are just too happy. Yes, weddings can do that to anyone.

Since your wedding is going to be significant in your life, it is essential to ensure that every arrangement goes perfect, to make it a lasting remarkable memory. Speaking about wedding arrangements, how can we leave behind catering! Food and wine is probably one of any wedding’s major highlights. If you are planning your wedding, or even if you are not, here is a list of latest wedding catering trends to take ideas from:

When your Guests can be Bartenders for a Night

Self-service bar stations are becoming a hit trend with modern couples. The idea is to ask your caterer to set up a separate and miniature version of the bar station, well-stocked with required liqueurs, fruits, cutlery and crockery, etc. A good caterer will always decorate this mini station as attractively as possible. Such bar stations are a great way to increase the fun meter at your wedding.

For the Love of the Family

This is probably one of the most emotional trends in modern wedding catering. The trend is all about having a good family size dinner. Yes, that’s right; your whole family seated together to enjoy one grand meal! How sweet is that!

Going the Healthy Way!

Your wedding should never be a reason to be unhealthy! The modern day’s health conscious bridal couple is very careful regarding what is being served to their guests. Many opt for healthier options for cocktails rather than the usual meats and sauces.

When the Color of your Food is just as Delectable as its Taste

Color in food? Hmm! Before you start getting absurd images in your mind, let me tell you what it implies. You know how perfect every wedding ceremony looks when all is color coordinated. Well, why should food be left out of the list? Modern day caterers are creative folks who have a way with imagination. Just ask them to design a food menu according to your bridal wear color theme, and they’ll lay it on the table for you.

Organic is the Word for the Day!

Bridal couples these days insist that at least one of the items on their menu be made from organic ingredients. This item could be anything between a salad bowl of organic greens to organic stringed beans served alongside chicken. Even beverages are available in organic versions these days. You could enquire with your caterers regarding their menu of organic alcoholic beverages, and decide accordingly.

No More Fries for you, Kid!

Gone are the days when kids were served hot dogs, burgers, and french fries! Kids these days have as sophisticated a palate just like the gadgets they use. They too are up for trying out newer food choices. I know it comes as a surprise, but kids just love the amazing chicken pot pies, California rolls and ravioli that is served to them at weddings.   This way you can keep both the kid as well as the parent happy!

All that is Exotic, Tastes Exquisite!

More and more caterers are warming up to the idea of experimentation with their culinary skills. Not only the chefs, even bridal couples do not want the usual on their menu. The mention of an exotic ingredient can go a long way in making your wedding day food a memorable one. It is no surprise that many wedding catering chefs are using foreign sauces, exotic herbs and spices in their food.

These are some different things that could make your wedding day even more special. It is human nature to forget the flowers in the bride’s bouquet after two days, but never the taste of good food served. I hope I have given you much food for thought, eh?

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