Fats For Healthy Brain

The brain contains 60 percent fat and one third of it comes from food. Ideal diet, as conceived Jean-Marie Bourre, is composed of as little processed vegetable oils tremor, olive oil, corn, sunflower oil, mainly due to higher content of Omega 3. “Oily fish twice a week and daily vegetable oils of animal origin or those contained in milk fat, cheese and butter. Dairy – butter and cheese – should have a concentration of fat exceeding 60 percent for the butter and cheese 20 percent for good food “, says Jean-Marie Bourre. “It is desirable that a school child to eat fish twice a week and the amount of butter should not exceed 50 grams per day,” says Jean-Marie Bourre.

The brain likes quality sweets

For normal operation, the brain needs sugar, the main source of energy. To function normally, brain cells need a constant carbohydrate intake. “That does not mean chocolate and sugar. It means whole grains, pulses, fruit, sugar” says Jean-Marie Bourre.

Concentrated sweets have a contrary effect. Get a quick intake of energy, but increases the concentration of insulin and lowers blood glucose which induces hunger, so long-term effects are a slow metabolism and a tendency toward obesity. “Breakfast is the sweet meal. Cereal, honey, and healthy sugars, from fruit and milk. No way refined sweets. Maybe whole wheat black bread, some butter and honey!” Jean-Marie Bourre comments, attention to the consumption of sugars after 18.00 that can make sleep disorders, in that the energy they emit do not let your brain go to sleep.

Vitamins and minerals for protection

“Everyone knows that vitamins are essential, but too few people know how sensitive are these chemical combinations and how fast it degrades in contact with the environment. A skinless apple has 25 percent fewer vitamins than the one that you wash and eat it directly, without having to cut it. A boiled zucchini is 75 percent less quality than one made salad. boiled spinach lose 80 percent of vitamins “said Jean-Marie Bourre.

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