Things We’re Not Taught In Colleges But Really Should Be

Things We're Not Taught In Colleges But Really Should Be

It is an exciting experience to get the opportunity to attend college. If you haven’t been to one, college life opens your eyes to many issues that you probably wouldn’t have given a second thought, before. It is not just the knowledge that you gain from the classroom but also the life lessons from your day to day activities.

While there is still a sensitive debate on whether or not going to college is worth the money and effort, many believe in its success. Yes, some outliers have made significant innovations and milestones in their lives and the world’s without a college education, yet, they are few.

I enjoyed my four years in college, but there are some lessons, I’d hope to have the chance to learn in university before exposure to the real world. Straight out of campus, it was easy to get essay writing Malaysia services than having to deal with the following:

1. Insight into the job search process

When you finally graduate, almost everyone expects you to have some means of income. Do you go for any job or do you find one that matches your skills? That is the primary question. It may reach a point where just for the sake of prestige of having an employer, one can offer free services in the name of an internship.

It is worse especially for those who pursue a major that doesn’t have a direct job match. Where do you start? How do you match your skills with the appropriate job for you?

2. Budgeting

If you want to reach financial freedom, then you need to adopt fiscal responsibility. We are not taught how to manage our finances in college. As students having to rely on parents, guardians or sponsors for financial assistance pushes the question of budgeting forward.

Many students live beyond their means during the tenure of their program. Trying to fit into a set standards or the pressure of comparing one’s life to another. Remember, we all come from different backgrounds, and your experience has a higher likelihood of being different from mine.

Afterall, you wouldn’t write about the same experience in a natural disaster in Malaysia essay. Each is going to be unique.

3. Taxes

Once you start earning, so do taxes apply. If you do not work for the IRS and possibly have no accounting background, then, you are in for a long ride. If you hire a professional to file your taxes, you should take a look at what they do; you may find that it is not that complex.

No one needs to learn how to spend unless it is pending wisely but doing taxes, not so much. It is a course that would benefit many souls if included in the curriculum even if it is just for credit.

4. Interview skills

Have you been to an interview where you feel you had it all figured out only to receive a regret email from the potential employer? Knowing how to behave, respond to interview questions is essential. You have to think on your feet.

The questions you prepared for may be used in a twisted form, and you need to be able to analyze and respond appropriately.


The college experience is informative, thrilling and life-changing. It is however not foolproof; you have to learn to learn. Self-educate, from your interactions with others, and using the resources available. With the ease of access to the internet, you can learn about anything and everything by googling or binging.

Do so in your free time as you relax from tackling your vaccination essays assignment.

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