How To Take Your Growing Business To The Next Level

You’ve started your own business and you’re finally at a point where you can look at your end-of-year report and say that you feel accomplished. While you’re still too small to move into another office, your calls have gradually been increasing and you’ve gained more and more established customers! However, you’re starting to reach the point that you’re worried that you’ve “bit off more than you can chew.” After all, you can’t really handle all of the calls. You take a while to pick up the receiver each time it rings, and many potential customers are redirected to voicemail. You have less time to focus on your clients and your needs, but they’re the reason your business has become so successful and the reason it’s started to grow! Without demand, after all, there’s no reason for supply.

The situation you’re in can actually harm your business and stunt its growth, and you might fail to move to the next stage of your career. This is because studies have shown that first call resolution is the single most important factor in customer satisfaction. An astounding 53% – more than half – of consumers actually decide to call businesses and compare services before visiting shops in person. What’s more is that they hang up dissatisfied and cross you off of their list if the call isn’t answered within three rings. It’s even worse if their call goes straight to voicemail. After all, who wants to wait around for a response from a company that doesn’t answer its phone during business hours, when another business (your competitor) will?

Earn More Money; Save More Time

Hiring a new employee or a receptionist to take the calls for you, however, is expensive. You’ll become extremely stressed out while attempting to juggle your existing customers and other demands of your business – in addition to your increased volume of calls and hiring and finding room for a new employee. Most small businesses that are in this crucial transition stage don’t actually have the funds to grow in this way. This is why you should choose an overflow call handling service to help instead: It’s a telephone answering service at its simplest.

Satisfy Customers; Help Your Company Fly

Much more cost-effective than paying an additional person by the hour, your incoming calls will be directed to a team of trained and experienced professionals. They will pick up the phone immediately, giving your customers the opportunity to speak to someone, adding to your business’ professionalism and giving your clients that crucial first call resolution they need. Messages will then be sent to you via emails or text messages. You’ll gain more revenue as a result, as your potential customers will be far more invested in your business and impressed with the way their call was handled. This is a fantastic opportunity to move ahead of your competitors. It’s time to make the right choice and take your next career step.

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