Who Should Use The EMPI TENS Unit

Who Should Use The EMPI TENS Unit

Something really innovative and very useful has come in the package of the EMPI TENS unit. The EMPI TENS device is truly a great collection of facilities all together in one small handheld device and has many features and functions within the compact cell phone sized device.


For the handheld

The machine is small and compact in size, and it is ideal for both personal and clinical use. Most importantly, it is mobile and portable for the size and the battery operated model. It is operated by AA batteries. This means you can run the TENS unit, whether you have a power supply or not.

Meant for 3 purposes

The unit is meant for 3 purposes at once. You can get the neuromuscular electrical stimulation or NMES from it. You may also use the Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation or TENS from this, and may also use this as a high voltage device. All of the features are for pain relief and for facilitating better coordination of muscles. The main purpose of the device is in being multi functional unlike a single function TENS unit, which only gives electric pulses to the subcutaneous nerves.

For people with low levels of endorphins

The device is especially helpful for people who have low levels of endorphins. Endorphins are chemicals in the brain that tell the body to fight against pain, and let you relax by diminishing pain. If you have higher endorphin levels, you have better chances of fighting a pain. And low levels require you to take morphine like substances from external sources like pain killer drugs etc. However,you may get the same help when you let the NMES or TENS signals pass through the body. The EMPI TENS unit is for giving you both types of pulses in the body. The first one helps in fighting the muscular pains, while the next one helps in shutting down feelings of pain from the neural ends. This is a great combination treatment, and you may opt for a combo or just one singe pulse as per the body need. The low charge levels emitted by the device let the muscles contract at ease.

The program lock feature

Clinicianswould find the device to be especially helpful. This is because the custom settings you get there, you may choose any program setting, and set the levels there. Next, if you program a lock within, the settings will be permanent until you unlock. This is especially helpful when you are designing a program for the patients there. You may choose the electric signal type, and set the vibration and frequency level, and seta time gap, and then finally seta lock into it. And then once handed to the patient, he or she would be able to use the device at home without the headache of making all these settingsevery time. That is why the device is specially helpful for both clinic use and home use.

To get a better idea, you must go through reviews of the specific models that are chosen most by users around the world.

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