Which of These 7 Must-Have Amenities Does Your Shared Workspace Have?

Whether you’ve a small business, own a startup or you’re a freelancer; opting for a coworking or shared workspace requires a good deal of introspection before deciding on taking the plunge. From basic amenities like coffee and meeting rooms to specific ones like mail service; what traditional office space offer in terms of a personal working space, shared workspaces compensate that by offering amenities.

For instance, if you are looking for office space for rent in Kolkata, traditional offices can’t offer you these must-have amenities that a shared workspace can. Scour through the list below and find the 7 must-have amenities every coworking space must have:

1. Fast & Dependable Wi-fi
One of the most important features one looks for in an office space is a fast and reliable wi-fi connection with minimum downtime. One may put up with uncomfortable chairs or unappealing coffee but poor wi-fi connectivity is a major turnoff.

2. Ergonomic Furniture
Since office inmates spend most of their times indoors, sitting on the chairs and working on tables; make sure the office furniture is ergonomic, height-appropriate, and conforms to working standards. If possible, look for some variety in seating options like chairs, stools, bean bags, and more.

3. Mixed Work Areas
One of the biggest reasons people resort to shared working spaces is for the mixed working areas it offers. One might need a quite desk one day and a table with other teammates the other day. Try and look for a coworking space that offers mixed seating and work options to cater to diverse requirements.

4. Dedicated Calling Areas/Phone Booths
Dedicated phone booths and calling areas are a must-have in offices now as they serve as the perfect place to have a quiet and focused business conversation, away from the noise, without having to divulge the important business details publicly. Also, it saves the office inmates from the unnecessary noise deviation.

5. High-Resolution Printer/Copier/Scanner
A high-quality printer/copier/scanner is a must-have office amenity in most workspaces. Always look for best-quality equipment that promises minimum or no downtime and is serviceable promptly in case of an issue.

6. 24*7 Kitchen/Pantry
Every shared workspace has to have endless tea and coffee for its inmates. Although it’s quite a basic thing but often is a major pull factor for many professionals. Ideally there should be a kitchen as well which has provisions for cooking or heating meals by employees and a refrigerator.

7. Meeting Rooms
Last but not the least, meetings rooms are a priority when it comes to the must-have amenities in a shared workspace. Apart from client meetings, meeting rooms are used for longer business phone calls, interviews, group brainstorming sessions, and events or presentations.

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