Preparing and Coating A Concrete Garage Floor

Painting your garage floor may seem like a daunting task, but it’s actually not as difficult as you may think. So get your DIY hats at the ready, as it’s time to breathe some much needed life into your old and tired concrete garage floor.

First of all, the key to a successful paint job is preparation. Yes, the word many of us despise – purely because it means a quick job is out of the window – but trust us, it’s worth it. So before tackling the job, make sure your concrete floor isn’t damp and begin to wipe off any oil and grease spills from the surface using just a rag. Then, it’s important you move any dust, dirt or debris from the floor with a broom.

Now you’re ready to start, so here’s a step-by-step guide to getting that perfect glossy floor:

Step One:

Take a plastic watering can or even a plastic pump sprayer and fill it with concrete and masonry cleaner – this can be bought from most DIY stores across the country. Then, using either the can or the sprayer, apply the product to the concrete floor and allow it to dry for 10-20 minutes. Once dry use a stiff bristled, non-metal brush and scrub the surface. The main key here is not to let the surface dry.

Step Two:

Using a hose with a high-pressured nozzle begin rinsing the floor and then using a mop remove any excess water from the entire area. Then, let the concrete floor completely dry.

Step Three:

Now it’s time to prime the floor using a wide nylon or polyester brush. With your brush begin to paint a 2”-3” wide area around the perimeter of the garage floor – it’s best to start in the corner and work your way around. Then, using a roller begin from the corner and paint the whole floor – allow the primer to dry for at least eight hours before applying the paint.

Step Four:

Chose the right paint colour for you – there is a vast range of these products in most DIY stores – just make sure you follow the manufacturer’s instructions for the paint you select as this will provide the best results. Before you start, mix the paint well and then apply a thin and even first coat. It will take around 24 hours for the top coat to properly dry. The next day, if you think your concrete floor needs a second coat, follow the same process – but do not apply more than two coats to your floor. Wait around 24 hours to walk on the painted surface, and about one week before driving on it.

And there you have it, four easy steps to a stunning concrete garage floor! It is likely you’ll need to do a few minor touch-ups on the floor every year or so – but other than that your newly painted floor will look immaculate for years to come!

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