The Tips To Select The Right Bridal Necklace

Bridal necklace plays very important role in enhancing overall look and appearance of a bride as it is a key accessory that will remain visible in your whole wedding. It is very important for you select right wedding necklace so that you can achieve your desired look. Different tips to select right bridal necklace includes following –

Select a necklace that compliments your dress –

It is very important for you to match your bridal necklace with your wedding dress. If your wedding dress have diamante, beads, crystals or pearls, you should select a neckpiece that match with the theme of your wedding dress. An intricate necklace is perfect for simple wedding dress, select simple bridal necklace if your wedding dress is detailed and ornamented. If you are wearing a modern contemporary dress then opt for an edgy necklace design and consider selecting antique jewelry with vintage styled dress.

Try to be minimalistic –

You should avoid overloading jewelry on yourself. You should wear two statement pieces of wedding jewelry to get perfect look or this can be achieved when you wear large chandelier earrings, avoid necklace and wear something that looks plain and simple. If you don’t wish to flaunt a heavy bridal necklace then you can compensate it with beautiful bracelet. If you decided to wear an intricate necklace then try to match it with stud earning but make sure you keep your bridal hair accessories to the minimal.

Pay attention to the neckline of your wedding gown –

If you wear a strapless dress that expose lots of skin then select a multi strand necklace. This will ensure that your neck area does not look bare and the bridal necklace you wear will complete your overall look. You can try strings of beads to create a perfect pattern and to add interest in your wedding gown. If your wedding gown is detailed with high neckline then you should avoid heavy necklace and wear something simple. If your dress has round shaped neckline then wear choker style necklace, on the other hand you can wear long pendant if you are wearing a v-neck bridal dress.

Opt for timeless classics –

If you are confused how to experiment with a new look, than best option for you is to go for a classic bridal necklace. If you want to achieve a feminine yet sophisticated look, then you can consider single string of pearls or a pearl collar that comes with two or three strands is best way to flaunt if you have long neck. Pearl necklace symbolizes marital happiness and it is excellent option for you to give you a timeless appeal. You can wear it with drop earrings or diamond studs to complete the look for your wedding.

Experiment with colors –

If you want to add colors in your bridal dress, you can do this if you use a colorful bridal necklace. Rather than wearing an ivory or white colored necklace, you can try something in bold color which complement with your wedding bouquet.

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