Functional and Stylish: Tips On What Apparel To Include In Your Journey

Functional and Stylish: Tips On What Apparel To Include In Your Journey

The ambivalence between function and fashion can make packing an overwhelming task for people who are not used to travel especially at first. However, by packing wisely, you will be able to relieve any unnecessary stress.

It is always best to include light items and lightweight clothing that are flexible and can work in any situations, and this article will provide you with the ideas on what to pack.

The Fundamentals  In Clothing

Excellent resistance against wrinkle: It is always to bring apparel that is resistant in a wrinkle. It does not have to be clothing that is wrinkle-free but clothing that would at least wrinkle less than other apparel.

Functional pockets: Practical pockets will be useful if you are just packing a few pants and shirts for your travel and these include:

Skirt and pants pockets: Some item include a secret pocket for money and passport which can make you more comfortable and secure than putting them in a separate pack as these items are vital to every travel.

Pockets with zipper: The zipper will provide excellent protection for your items against thieves or pickpockets. It is better than wearing a button-protected pocket.

Shirts with pockets: Pockets in your shirt is best to put your shades, tickets and other tiny items.

Mind the colors: Every space in your luggage is essential, so it better to not to pack bright colors and make a priority for darker colors such as black especially for pants, skirts, and shorts, because these colors mix well with almost everything so that you can pack less.

Fabrics To Think About In Packing

Your cloth should be breathable and can absorb moisture from your skin and can dry quickly. Here are the advantages and disadvantages of some different fabrics.

Cotton is flexible and well-rounded which is famous for casual attire.

Advantage:  Durable, breathable, soft, easy to care and flexible when it comes to style.

Disadvantage: Hard to dry, and does not absorb moisture well.

Silk is comfortable and soft which is best used as underwear.

Advantage: Breathable, light in weight and ideal for warm temperatures

Disadvantage: Not that durable compared to other clothing material.

Nylon and polyester are the most common used fabrics.

Advantage: Durable, lightweight, wrinkle-resistant, absorbs moisture and dries quickly

Disadvantage: Both are not as comfortable to wear as cotton and silk

Points To Ponder In Travel Clothing

Whatever kinds of travel you might be one, these clothing are a must to pack for every person who will travel.

Cute Shorts, Skirts, Pants, Dresses

Skirts, shorts, and dresses are common choice especially in traveling to tropical areas. However, long pants are better regarding protecting your skin against ultraviolet rays.

Invest In Neat Shirts

It is always nice to be presentable regardless the climate that is why it is still best to pack at least one long-sleeve shirt even if you are planning to go to a warm environment. There are clothing shops that sells neat and comfortable shirts like French Connection that’s worth checking out.

Fine Wool Sweatshirts and Fleece Tops

Wool sweatshirts will help you to feel warm even if it gets wet and it also does not keep odors like other synthetic apparels. However, sweaters can be bulky will likely to consume space in your luggage.

Fleece Tops and protects you well and goods in absorbing.  On the contrary, they do not compress well in your pack.

Functional Hats

Hats are useful due to fickle weather conditions. These caps could be:

  • Sun hats which are commonly nylon or cotton for comfort and has a suitable structure for ventilation. Some design feature a cape to protect your ears and neck from extreme sunlight.
  • Rain hats are waterproof and comfortable with protection around the bottom part of the hat.
  • Casual hats such as trekking hats or ball caps which provide excellent protection from wet rain and harmful ultraviolet rays.

Extra Tip To  Wear

Pack neat and organized: Use lightweight packing to keep your undergarments and socks separate from your shirts. It is also great to use vacuum packing method to remove air inside a package before sealing to minimize consuming of space.

Keep your bag smelling great: You can place a scented sheet between layers of your clothing while you are packing. This style will keep your stuff smelling clean and fresh during the travel.


In conclusion, there is no need to panic in choosing what to include in your wardrobe or closet especially on your travels. Sometimes function is always better than fashion as you make yourself presentable.

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