Sure Shot Way To Find The Right Prospects: Pixel-based and List-based Retargeting

Sure Shot Way To Find The Right Prospects: Pixel-based and List-based Retargeting

To be honest most cookies should be put only in a glass jar. However, they are all over the World Wide Web. No matter whichever browser you use, they will appear right in your face.  Why do we experience this and how does it happen? These are pixel-based retargeting techniques several marketing guys have adopted to attract online consumers. The same need not be annoying like someone talking wildly on a cell phone in a public place. There are better methods to retarget the right prospects. You just need to aim right to get the bull’s eye. Here are some opportunities that you can add to the next campaign.

Use Retargeting Strategy to Add Value

Unless you wish to kill the brand and lose the customer forever, think about only adding value when retargeting. If the conversion has not happened the first time around then try to figure what went wrong. Many people first browse and then come back a second time to purchase. This happens all the time and nearly 98% of the people turn the page. If you acknowledge what they have been attracted to then stick to feeding that information only. For example, if they have stayed on the service page, they might wish to know more about the section. Hence, it would be futile to retarget by showing ‘About us’ or ‘Contact us’ page. This is one campaign management solution that can work when retargeting the user. The visitor is looking for a solution or solving a problem. If the page does not help, he will move on to another solution provider. So, you had the prospect but lost him to a rival. How do you make the retargeting more relevant and valuable?

Adopt Niche Segment

 Many companies (rather their managers) tend to retarget the same ads to the visitors, no matter which page they visit or keyword they have used to reach it. Everyone cannot be bracketed or addressed with the same ad content. The retargeting technique needs to become niche for it to be successful. People respond differently to various creatives and messages being sent. If you see that some pages are being visited more often, then focus on them to retarget the visitors. You can speak directly to them and make them customers. Even if the number of visitors are less they will at least convert as the message is unique.

Be Urgent About a Sale or Service

There is a sound reason for a visitor to come on a page. So, give away what is required. For example, if it is a discount on a product, then opt for a sense of urgency to it- ‘Stock sold out, only 10 pieces left’! Or ‘last two days of stock clearance’! These are old techniques but they still work. In case of retargeting, such urgencies do a good job.

Choose different Channels of Retargeting

Today, the use of multi-media offers many ways of implementing a campaign. One widely accepted method is to retarget several channels. One at least will see a conversion.  Social media can be treated as ‘retargeting in action’. Both Facebook and Twitter can be used effectively. Check on the guidelines to use the campaign on any online media. There is yet another option to be a SaaS provider with a user base to offer freebies. This is upselling and few customers may be added to your database.

Adding only a cookie or a pixel needs to be a well thought-out plan. Successful marketing comes from making the visitor a customer, otherwise the exercise will simply be worth the cookies in a glass jar.

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