Find Flats For Lease In Chennai Android App

Find Flats For Lease In Chennai Android app

Since technology has swept the world with the spell of speediness and widened the global spectrum of e – commerce which has not been restricted to fast moving consumer goods or durables, but also extended to real – estate shopping and has very intelligently infused the technology and incorporated that in app to ease the home search process. android app is available at app store for free download, stuffed with rocking features to deal with your house hunting issues related to buy, sell, rent etc.

Easy Navigation

The app app has been designed in such a way, that it takes least time to navigate and to load the details. For instance if you are looking for flats for lease in Chennai, hence after launching the app, pick the city Chennai followed by rent option. The mid tab provides you with the preferred locations of the city. Once you filled in the details, you get navigated to the result page instantly and the user – intuitive interface aids in the swift functioning of the app


To exact your search as per your priorities, you get the filter options on the left bottom corner. Tapping the same opens different categories like budget brackets, bedrooms, property enlisters, amenities and the facilities available etc. The aesthetically designed icons are awesomely designed representing the categories

Verified Listings and Photo Gallery

Verified Listings and the HD photo gallery is the path breaking USP of The in house team of verifies every individual property before enlisting them and always ensure to support the same with high definition gallery, and the same has been executed and incorporated flawlessly into the app. Once the initial filtering is done, you can explore the properties by tapping them which splits the screen with the photo gallery on the upper side and with the details downwards. Either you can view all the photographs by tapping the photo gallery icon on the right bottom corner of the welcome visual or by just sliding your fingers through the middle of the photographs. Sliding it on the second part will take you to the next property


While finalizing a house even for rent, it is important to have an understanding of the locality too and the rating provide you with the accurate insights of the locality. The ratings are on the parameters of life – style, society and neighborhood. Scrolling down the screen provides you with all the relevant information. The best part of the app is that all the important information are displayed in a very convenient way

Topographical Presentation of the Property

On the top of the result page, to change it from the list view to the map view all you need to tap the map view on the top of the screen. Apart from featuring the exact coordinates it also features the commutation options connecting different landmark of the city

The android app has not only eased the process of house hunting but with the application of technological advancement it has also enhanced the convenience. Through this app one can dodge the conventional way of being at the broker’s mercy and can shortlist the property hassle free and then get in touch with the property enlister, since they also have the contact details of the property enlisters too. You also get the option to share your preferred properties with family and friends on the social networking platforms like facebook, WhatsApp etc. thus getting connected to your desired abode at your suitability.

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