Drone Real Estate Photography

Drone Real Estate Photography

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Drone Real Estate Photography has recently emerged as the new standard for real estate marketing. From 360-degree interior tours to breathtaking aerial views, Drone Real Estate Photography creates a seamless promotional package to give your property a competitive advantage in the market. The following are the ways drone photography can be advantageous in real estate marketing, according to a post on the Palmetto Park Realty blog.

Drone Real Estate Photography

Bird’s Eye View of the Property

By offering prospective buyers and agents a bird’s eye view of the property, surrounding areas, and community amenities drone photography comes alive in ways that will interest you. For instance, it could have been difficult to notice the outdoor gazebo of this property, but with the aerial shot, this was possible.

Accentuating Water Features

If your property is surrounded by any water like this property, a shot taken from the water looking back on the property can be thrilling.

Putting Large Homes and Estates in Perspective

Another interesting use of drone photography is putting large homes or properties in context. In Wellington especially, it can be difficult to get the scope of a flat property from the ground. However, with a bird’s eye view, it would be easier to capture a larger property’s scale. Here is the best example of a large equestrian property put in context by Drone Real Estate Photography.

Showing the Size of Property Compared To the Surrounding Properties

Besides showing your property’s layout, aerial photography can be critical to showing its size relative to the neighboring structures and properties. For instance, aerial photography in this property has been used to show its size relative to the adjacent properties.

Real Estate Photography Tips

Drone photography is more expensive than ordinary pictures and requires more time to be shot and edited. Therefore, for a quality outcome, there is need to get acquainted with a couple of important rules of drone photography.

Agents should hire individuals with the knowledge of flying drones and that also have expertise in aerial photography to get the best outcome. Whether you want to hire a drone operator or want to operate a drone alone, observe the following additional tips:

• Keep the 10-second rule: Once you are done with shooting, do not stop filming instantly. Instead, count 10 seconds before you press the stop button.

• Shoot long and stable shots: Use a drone with gimbals to keep the camera stable.

• Use the wind: Allow the drone to navigate naturally without driving it against the wind current to boost the quality of the photography.

• A preliminary plan: It is good to have an initial plan because drone flying time is still limited. The best drone model can fly for 10 to 20 minutes before it runs out of battery. Therefore, it is better to have an idea of what you want to photography to make better use of the available time.

Overall, if you want aerial pictures of your property, Drone Real Estate Photography can be the perfect marketing tool for you. The trend is still new, but if you can move fast, you can be among the first to reap the benefits of this technology.

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